5th single (2022.12.26)

Hello ☺︎


I’m Moriya Rena 🍒






On last night’s Sokosaku,

the formation of 5th single

that will be released on 15th February

has been announced



On this opportunity,

I have been selected to be the title song center





I’m sure that many people must have been surprised by it




When my name was called

during the announcement,

for a moment I didn’t know what just happened,

it felt like I didn’t know whether it was real or just a dream





To be honest, I was filled with uneasiness




But when I think about the Buddies who always support me, I can’t bring myself to say that


Your constant support and cheer at any time are truly reassuring


Thank you very much



I hope that you could continue

to love and watch over Sakurazaka

from now on






And the members reached out to me, who looked worried



“Don’t worry! I’ll give you my support”



“Look to your sides! You have reliable seniors!”


“Look behind you! You have us!”



they gave me such reassuring words



I was able to realize once again

how there were so many reassuring members

around me


Those words touched my heart

to the point that I couldn’t stop crying…


I am truly happy to be able to create the work

together with these wonderful members






All of us in Sakurazaka will make 5th single a wonderful piece of work



I hope that you could discover another new side of Sakurazaka



I’d like to climb the slope with all of you



Thank you very much




I’d be happy if you could continue to give us your support as always




Please look forward to it





Moriya Rena

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