Ponytail, Sitting on my Knees, and Messy Hair (2023.05.15)



Kojima Nagisa here, continuing the blog relay from Dakura the flash.



Yesterday, I had a hair-do which is different with what I usually have for a photoshoot. It made me happy and excited☺︎
Look forward to it.


📸YuPi took this pic





It feels hot recently. I guess the summer is coming really soon, , , I don’t like when it’s hot, moreover I hate the bugs( ; ; )



Aa, but I would like to eat the Chinese style cold noodles soon


But before that, we must get through the rainy season together👍🏻 Those who are suffering from migraines, hang in there but please don’t push yourselves too hard🥲







I’ll be writing about some things that have happened recently!
Today’s blog won’t be too long





🌷3rd Gens Athletics Skill Check!🌷
Did you watch last week’s Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?


It has come at last,,, the sports event,,
It’s one of the things that I feared ever since I joined Sakurazaka.



I’m sorry to make you see such a pitiful side of me, , lol
I’m really bad with sports. My body is stiff, and my legs are weak, , ,



Just as I predicted, I ranked around below the average Hahahah



Even so, I did all those test seriously~
Now I’m regretting why I didn’t exercise more when I was still a kindergartener.





Speaking of which, I saw Yuzu’s (Nakashima Yuzuki) ball catching right in front of me. It was hilarious😂
Me and Reina laughed so much that our stomachs hurt, hahahah



It’s the moment where the God of Comedy descents lol



YuPi FTW👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻





I remember how back in school, every year around this season we always have the fitness test,,,



I like the PE class in general, but I really hate the fitness test lol
But it’s something you just can’t avoid, hahah



In particular, when I did shuttle run it just ended in a flash~ lol



I could run for like 70 laps back when I was in the tenis club, but then I give up just after around 40 laps ever since I don’t exercise that much.



I didn’t like to do it, that even the song that was played during that class gave me the chills.



However, I like the game-like sports!!!



I hope that someday we can have a competition for sports like basketball or volleyball.
Not to mention that Rika-Riko-Yuu are good at basketball🎶



If we ever do it, we should stream it on Sakura Channel as well~!



I hope my dreams will come true💭💭



Aa! Speaking of which,,,


Sakura Channel has reached 100.000 subsribers!!!


Thank you very much everyone!



It was comforting seeing the cute and funny Matsuda-san and Sugai-san in their glamping video~



For those who haven’t watched it, please check it out👀
I believe we’ll be posting even more videos from now on, so please subscribe to the channel☺︎




📸First pic is with the kyott Riko♡This one was back during the tour in Fukuoka





🌷MBTI Test🌷
Everyone, do you know MBTI test??
When I looked back at my pictures folder, I found my test result from around 1 year ago,,,
I was kind of curious about it so I took the test again!


From both test, it appears that I’m a ESFJ type!
A person who is Extraverted, Sensing (Observant), Feeling (Emotional), and Judging, apparently.
I’m frankly don’t really understand, but the 3rd gens said “That sounds fitting for Nagi!”, so OK👍🏻



By the way, I tried to do this test for all 3rd gens during a free time, but I don’t understand the reason why I’m considered compatible with some of the girls, hahahha



I wonder if any of you have good compatibility with me~? Let me know🎶



Oh, but in the end it is just a test, so don’t let it make you down even if you’re not compatible with me!! hihihi





I appeared on SakuMimi together with Odakura Reina!!!
The recording itself was really fun I didn’t even realize me and Reina were talking for about 1 hour and 40 minutes,, lol



I hope you can feel the nice and chill vibe from ReiNyagi!!



We talked a lot about 3rd gens and also our seniors, so I believe many people enjoyed it! Actually, we talked about too much things that I don’t even remember any of it at all, hahaha



I don’t have much chance to listen to the radio. It’s like something that I would hear when riding a car with my parents. But the recording we had was so fun that I got more interested in it! I would like to take this opportunity to listen more to the radio🎶




I wonder when will be my next chance~? Can’t wait😆
Please give it a listen for those who haven’t!!!




🌷How I’m getting myself to sleep recently🌷
Recently, my method to sleep is by letting the videos from TeriyakiChannel playing.



I tried the application that was recommended by Yuzu to record my sleeping routine, and turns out when I’m playing videos from TeriyakiChannel, I could fall asleep in 3 minutes or so.



Moreover, it is such a veeeeeryy deep sleep!!



There was a time where I continued sleeping for like 14 hours with this method, lol



Please try it as well! lol




By the way, I have watched all the videos from TeriyakiChannel more than once!!
I turned on the notification from the channel, so I always get to see them right away😎




And, you know what!?
It looks like Airi also use the exact same method to sleep!!



Isn’t it awesome!? We talked about it a while back, and I’m surprised how it just happened to be the same~!!



I’d recommend it for you, Airi’s oshis, as well!



Thank you for reading up to this point!
Let’s call it a bye-bye here for today!



Tomorrow is Airi’s turn~
Back a while ago, the three of us, AiRikoNagi, were talking about doing things while wearing our uniforms, since we are LJKs (Last Joshi Kousei / 3rd-year high-schooler),,
I keep on imagining where would be a good place to do something.
I want to go out and play soon~






Oh, by the way I said that I’ve started watching the anime “Oshi no Ko” in my last blog, and now I’m getting more and more into it,,, to the point where I’m considering to read manga and spoiled about what’s coming ahead.



I’m really curious about what’s coming up next that I can’t wait for Friday to come, so for now it’s going to be the things I’m looking forward the most at the end of Friday each week.



Q : Do you prefer me in ponytail or just having my hair down?

Sorry that it looks messy🙏hihihi




Only one week left before the 3rd Tour 2023 in Pia Arena MM. It’s getting closer!


For those who will come,
please look forward to it👍🏻
I’m also looking forward to meeting you all~🎶

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