And a secret beach as well Odakura Reina (2023.05.14)

Happy Sunday☺️


In the morning after it rained, I had a pleasant awakening as the sound of water dripping from leaves was in harmony with my own breath. Rain isn’t so bad after all.

I am Odakura Reina
18 years old, from Tokyo.


How did you spend Golden Week?

I went to the ocean.
A secret beach I go to that is usually empty on weekdays had lots of people there, which made me just a little bit sad.

Do you guys have a secret place too?
Please tell me in secret👂



○Soko magattara, Sakurazaka?

……Personally, I didn’t think of myself as unathletic, but it bothered me on the way home after the athletics test…

But my legs are fast!!
I used to be selected for the relay race at my school’s athletics festival. I was Quick Feet Odakura🏃‍♂️

This is an excuse but,, on my 2nd try I got about 8.3 seconds. I’d like to get my revenge and get a good record on the first try next time.


Please be sure to watch the 2nd half as well~




I participated in my first Sakumimi with Nagi this week!

Nagi and I like chatting so much that you could give us just a rock and we could excitedly talk about it all day, so the recording went way way over the scheduled amount of time.
I don’t feel like we talked nearly enough, so I hope we can get another chance to talk again.

Radio is awesome because it’s like a friend you can listen to while you’re working or studying since there’s no video.
I listen to the radio every day as well.

I hope all the times I’m on Sakumimi in the future will be a pleasant time for everyone!

So please listen to the web radio show “Sakumimi”
available to all members of Sakurazaka46’s fan club~




Sakurazaka Channel was opened on YouTube.

Videos will be uploaded there, featuring many themes, including live broadcasts and behind-the-scenes from concerts, so please subscribe~



○Question Corner

Q. What songs do you listen to often other than songs by Sakurazaka?

A. Yogisha wa Hashiru / Indigo la End
Nemurihime / SEKAI NO OWARI
Boku no Sensou / Shinsei Kamattechan
Akuma no Ko / Higuchi Ai
One Last Kiss / Utada Hikaru
Rainy Blue / Tokunaga Hideaki


Q. What are some minor special skills you have?

A. Waking up one station before my destination whenever I fall into a deep sleep on a train. If you check the arrival time for the station you’re getting off at ahead of time, it will increases your chances of not oversleeping.
Life hack✍️


Q. What mechanical pencil do you use?

A. PILOT Wood Mechanical Pencil←It’s fun to use and writes beautifully
PILOT Dr. Grip (Mist Green)←Even if you write for a long time, it doesn’t hurt. It’s the one I use the most


Q. I’m working hard on my studies right now, so I could use your support!

A. You’re doing an incredible job~

I know it takes a long time for your efforts to yield results, but you’re working hard right now so I want you to have confidence in yourself.

Let’s look towards the future together.


To everybody working hard right now
I give you my cheek (Anpanman-style support)




I’ve received your letters.

I love letters.
Whenever I feel handwritten words or the weight and thickness of the envelope, I can feel the warmth of person who wrote it and it fills my heart.

Please be sure to tell me all about yourselves when you write me letters.
Whether it’s something that made you happy, something that made you sad, or life advice, I’ll be sure to remember it.



I think I’ll end today’s blog on that note.

I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫
This was Odakura Reina!


Tomorrow will be Nagi’s turn~

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