Recent story corner (2023.03.29)






Thank you very much for opening my blog.




For today’s 3rd gen blog relay

it’s Ishimori Rika ☺︎





I received the baton from Shii-chan〜



Thank you for saving me from the pigeon-san

I’m grateful


The pigeon-san is a little scary and when I see him I keep my distance

I’m sorry, pigeon-san…





Let’s go out again〜.!









Everyone! In the past 10 days

Well done on your work, part-time job, school, etc.





I know it’s tough…

But I really admire all of you who are doing their best everyday!





Without overdoing it, let’s take it one day at a time〜



Pamper yourself a lot once in a while

Please give yourself lots of praise


I also thought I would be able to talk to you all on the 25th and 26th, so I worked hard every day〜













And, the 5th single, “Sakurazuki”

The last online individual meet and greet was on the 25th


‬While the information has just been unveiled and there isn’t much yet,

Thank you very much to everyone who applied to speak with me ( ;  ; )




During those blocks, I would continue to talk to everyone who came, but for everyone it would be once, twice, or a short number of times.


My goal was to talk to everyone so that they would enjoy their time with me and be glad they came!





How was it…?

Did you have fun…?




I had soooooo much fun!

It was a enjoyable and happy time (ToT)


Thank you all very much for spending your precious time with me!

And thank you for all the power you have given me!




To be able to talk to people who say they like me

I’m so happy〜〜





We also participated for the first time in the online meet and greet for the buyer application lottery!


I was paired with Miu (Murayama Miu-chan)


To Miu’s fans,

Thank you so much for letting me talk to you😊

It was a lot of fun!

Miu notices the smallest of changes. She notices the slightest change in appearance and also mails me to ask if I’m okay. She is such a great help to me

Miu thank you always〜☺︎






And and thank you to all the Buddies who came to see me ( ;  ; )‬



I met some people who had previously come to the individual meet and greets, and some people I had never met before, I realized even more how much I love meet and greets



Towels, penlights, photocards, etc…

Thank you for showing them to me a lot ☺️


I’ve got it all burned into my memory〜





Thank you for holding up the towels!

Thank you for bringing the penlights!

Thank you for collecting the photocards!

You’re too wonderfulー!

I’m so happy for all of those feelingsー!












And, on sale at the Sakurazaka46 fan club

the “2023 Desktop Calendar (starting from April)”

was the first time for the 3rd generation to participate!


We were very nervous about the photo shoot, but it was a lot of fun!


Please check it out if you’d like!





I put a big ribbon on🎀















Recent story corner♡








At meet and greets, I am often asked, “What would you like to be called?”




is actually the nickname I secretly want to be called…!


I’ve been too embarrassed to say this until now but

It is a nickname that is very familiar to me

My friends call me Rikatan, and my sister always calls me Ri-tan



Please call me Ri-tan if you like〜

I’ll answer with a smile♩










After that,

I am officially listed as 159cm tall, but

I feel like I have grown taller recently!


I’m sure this means I must be at least 160cm tall〜〜🥸



I will measure my height no matter what it takes, so please wait for further news!











I’m shy and it takes me a very long time to get to know people,

I have not been able to take any pictures with my seniors…



I have to talk to them more myself (ToT)


I will do my best!



After that,

I’ve been making garlic toast a lot lately

On a baguette or a thick slice of loaf bread

I spread a mixture of softened butter, garlic, and parsley on it and bake it


I make shallow slits in the bread in a grid pattern to allow the garlic to soak into the bread

I also like to add a little honey to the mixture

Sometimes I put cheese on it




Garlic is really addictive (ToT)♡

It’s easy to make, so please try doing it〜


Thank you for all the reports of making yaki omurice!













That’s all for today!

Tomorrow is Riko-chan (Endo Riko-chan)

Riko-chan’s hair for the calendar shoot was so cute and mature〜〜










See you again in 11 days ☺︎





That was Rika



See you ( ੭ ˙˙ )੭

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