Rekomen! ✨✨✨ (2021.09.22)

Badump badump…


I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation from Miyazaki,
Matsuda Rina.



Thank you very much for opening this blog



As some of you may have already know, I have a happy news to report!




I, Matsuda Rina,


starting from 4th October (Mon)

I will be the new personality for

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s “Rekomen!” Monday!!!



I’m feeling a mix of joy and worry!


To be honest, I have various worries. Whether I — who don’t have a lot of vocabulary nor speaking ability– could really handle a radio, whether it’s truly okay for it to be, whether I can do it properly or not



But Yuuka-san said,
“Enjoy it! In Matsuri-chan’s way! I look forward to it!”


It made me so happy, I thought, “It’s okay! I’m sure I can do it!”


I think that I could receive this baton because of the 4.5 years Yuuka-san has done!

Without forgetting my gratitude, I’d like to step up do my role as double personality!



I’d like to make a bright and fun radio so that people will continue to look forward to Monday’s Rekomen! every week




Otenki Nori-san, Rekomen listeners, Rekomen staff team, I’m still lacking, but I look forward to be working with you!!!




#レコメン (#Rekomen)




Thank you very much for reading this blog.



See ya 🌺🌴






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