Question! There are two choices: yes or no (2021.09.22)


Question, taーdan


There are two choices: aru aru~* (yes) or nai nai~ (no)

(* w/n: “あるある〜 / aru aru~” is a slang that used when you hear someone has had the same or a very similar experience; “Oh yeah that often happens”, “I can relate to it”, “Of course it is”. Read more here)


① Put the mayonnaise on top of Hiyashi Chuka

② Mix Somen’s tsuyu with the mayonnaise




If your answer aru aru~ing to number ①, you are a citizen of Aichi prefecture! (perhaps)

If your answer aru aru~ing to number ②, you are a member of the Ozono family!








At the MC session of Aichi performance, it was fun to be able to talk with everyone about Aichi, which I was interested in!

(w/n: to add more context, read the Aichi performance summary here)


I’ll try to put mayonnaise on the Hiyashi Chuka, something of which everyone aru aru~ing by clapping the stick balloon*

(*written in Aichi dialect)


Memo memo~~


At my home, we put mayonnaise on Somen, ehe





Thank you for using the stick balloon to communicate with us!!!



The buddies who gathered in Aichi are very warm,


I showed my great love to them*

(*written in Aichi dialect)



Towels and glow sticks, what you make, what you send, what you show,


Every time I find everyone’s power
It reassures my heart that I can stand in this place


I am confident that I found all of them this time as well〜✨



Thank you








And then, I’ve been continuing (this) since the tour started in Fukuoka


but I’d be happy if you could notice the last ♡ pose
Don’t miss it~~




I will leave the ♡ behind, so please take it home









🤍 Tomorrow, Thursday, September 23, 9:00~11:00
On Nippon Cultural Broadcasting “Toyama Grunge ‘Anata no “suki” wo kikasetekudasai!'”

I will have a remote appearance with Yuuka-san at 10 o’clock✨

It’s a live broadcast~~



Please listen to it!





Ozono Rei



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