Saitama (2021.11.30)



Good evening〜


It’s very late but,
here are some memorable photos from the tour🤍




🌸October 30










🌸September 11




Same colors〜💙






🌸September 20






The first costume was colorful〜

At the meet & greet, I’ve been asked, “Did you choose the color yourself?”
but it was the costume designer👗





🌸October 29







“Mugon no Uchuu” was performed
for the first time at the encore of the Osaka concert🎆




🌸October 31





Saitama Super Arigatou!! (Saitama Super Thank you!!)




In the interlude of “Microscope”,
Hikaru-chan, Yui-chan, and I
had a race on a tricycle!


That was something that impressed people…
But I’m sorry I don’t remember the results☁️


It’s been a while since I rode a tricycle〜



In “Kimi to Boku to Sentakumono”,
I was in the same position as Yuipon’s position


I’m happy to be able to join in the song that I like〜




The BACKS song, “Sonia”
was performed for the first time in the Saitama concert💄


How was it〜?
It would be nice if there will be more concerts from now on




We rode a trolley to the stage at the back in “Buddies”!
I don’t usually get on the trolley so I was happy〜


It was a bummer that the direction where we are to face was already decided, so we had our backs to the audience at some location…
But I see everything at a different time!


At the end of the song, I love the moment when the members next to me naturally gathered and became united.





Again, thank you to those who went to the venue
and those who watched the
live stream on the last day!!!!!


Thank you for the paper fans, towels, penlights, celebratory flowers,
and a lot of support🤍



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