Samidare yo (2022.03.23)

Good evening!

The music video of the 4th single title track, Samidare yo, has been released☁️

Have you seen it〜?


It has been my goal since we became Sakurazaka
I was able to participate in the title track for the first time,
So I am very happy.


I was really surprised the moment my name was called!


Since becoming Sakurazaka,
The opportunities to appear on music programs and the songs I participate in concerts have decreased,
So I have always felt sorry for those who have been supporting me.


I will continue to do my best so I can carry on to the next one 🌸


I felt the kindness of the members who contacted me that night when the formation was announced, and those who congratulated me in person💭



Putting MV behind the scenes photos here〜




It was a pleasure to be a part of your last music video shoot🤍
Let’s make a lot of memories with the remaining time〜





In symmetrical position with Matsuri-chan this time🤍


The two of us sat on a crane,
And were filmed like we were floating
It was fun〜



Yumiko-chan and Rei-chan whose positions are next to me🤍


Meet and greet applications for the 4th single have begun!
I’ll be waiting🐇🤍



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