INORI BLOG (2022.03.23)



This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.




Yesterday, I was surprised when suddenly there were lots of talk about “Power Saving!” on televisions and news on the internet!!


It sure was a cold day, wasn’t it?
It was snowing in some areas too,,
I warmed myself by having a blanket wrapping me up~!


I was the kind of person who tried to reduce the use of heater in the first place, so wrapping myself in a blanket is kind of a usual thing www.


It’s not that I’m trying to endure the cold by not turning the heater on, but it’s because my skin and lips are easily getting dried due to the use of heaters, hence I minimalize its use.


Sometimes, I kind of miss using the petrol stove.
The splendor of the warmness it emits… I just can’t describe it….


That’s a bit of story about my daily life.





Change of topic…


Harada Aoi-san, Ozono Rei-chan, and me Inoue Rina will be doing on air commentary for nationwide radio programs! Here are the schedules:


3/24 (Thu) 15:00~18:50
Ozono Rei & Inoue Rina on Kiss FM KOBE 「Kiss Music Presenter」


4/4 (Mon) 16:00~17:46
Harada Aoi & Inoue Rina on FM Osaka「Music Bit」


4/5 (Tue) 25:00~25:55
Harada Aoi & Inoue Rina on FM Osaka「J3 Tuesday~Midniqt IQ~」


4/6 (Wed) 16:30~20:25
Ozono Rei & Inoue Rina on FM FUKUOKA「Hyper Night Program GOW!!」


4/7 (Thu) 22:00~24:30
Harada Aoi & Ozono Rei on CBC Radio「OshiMashi」


4/10 (Tue) 16:00~18:00
Harada Aoi & Ozono Rei on RKB Radio「Sunday Cruisin`」


4/14 (Tue) 20:30~21:00
Harada Aoi & Inoue Rina on FM AICHI「Chuuden CTI Welcome Generation」


It will be great if you can check them out.



So, right away at 3 PM tomorrow, together with Rei-chan I will be doing on air commentary for Kiss FM KOBE「Kiss Music Presenter」!


I’m happy that I will able to visit a studio in Kobe, which is in Hyogo prefecture from where I came from☺

Please have a listen!





Did you watch the latest Sokosaku~?
Iwai-san from Haraichi came to the show as an MC!
Thank you for coming!


Also, there’s the Fruit Sandwich that I get during the shooting for that episode!
The manager took a picture of me who’s eating it vigorously after the shooting… www





That’s Inoue who’s in a great delight.

Even when I was told “You got creams on your face!”, I just tried to take it off in a hurry, and the vigor to continue eating ended up winning www


It was so delicious 😚








The 6th application entry for “Samidare yo” online meet & greet is starting!


Those who are like “I’m kind of curious about Inoue”, you are more than welcome. I’ll be waiting~!


See here for the details!



Looking forward to meeting you 🦒







Well then, that’s about it for today.




Thank you for reading up until the end







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