Shonin Yokkyu (2023.10.08)

Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱 


The music video of the 7th single, Shonin Yokkyu
has been released!



This time, the music video was shot 
by director Kato Hidejin.

After the previous work,
It was a pleasure to work with you again!

Thank you as always!


I am only myself
Just being present is worth it.


I would be glad
if you take this opportunity to accept 
and acknowledge yourself as you are
without comparing yourself to others as a person.

It’s a very straightforward song, 
but the more you listen to the song, the meaning gradually gets deeper, 
which is interesting〜


This work is also filled with thoughts 
and love of many people, 
so I hope you will enjoy every detail 🪶


The layer of the skirt is the highlight 👀

Combining the skirt with the patterned pants
made it easy to see the movements of the legs,
including the detailed steps〜 

Both are great costumes and I like them!
Thank you very much……



While waiting for 2A to be taken!
I think we were talking about our favorite vegetables🍅🥒lol


Happy 18th birthday! Thank you as always〜
I always get power
from seeing the bright and innocent O-Ten^ ^


The 7th single will be on sale in 10 days〜 

Various details were recently released, 
including jacket artwork, artist photos, 
and recording details!

By all means, please check it out!



The music video of the coupling song
“Mamoribito” is now available for viewing〜


I’m always moved
by the powerful performance of the 3rd generation members


Ah, and also the individual PV of the 3rd generation members will be included in the single
So I’m looking forward to them^ ^



Again, thank you in advance for your support of the 7th Single!

And we will be appearing at
“CDTV Live! Live!” tomorrow!

It will be the first broadcast
of the full-size performance of “Shonin Yokkyu”

It’s a 3-hour special that will start from 18:30⚡️


By all means, please have a look〜


Thank you for “GirlsAward 2023 A/W” 
from the other day!


I was able to walk during
the “REDYAZEL” stage👗

The checkered setup
and the color of the long boots were exquisite
It was a very cute coordination for autumn〜


After I changed into my costume, I was told to go out〜
Several people told me. lol


This is the first time I’ve done this haircut, so it’s fresh〜
I think I’ll try doing it during the meet and greet. ✊🏻

I was also happy
to perform during the Live Stage!

Thank you very much!


Well, that’s all for today.
Thank you for reading until the end! 




The end🌱


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