The place we reach is the same (2021.10.29)

The place we reach is the same


No matter what you think or what you worried about

In the end, the only thing I can do
is to cherish the present


Even if I do things in a way so that I don’t have any regret, I still found things that I want to redo.
Even if I make memories so that I don’t feel lonely, in the end I don’t want us to part


The feeling of I want to do it someday, I want to be one someday
I have such hopes as well
It’s like a cover that says that I’m not working hard enough presently


If I open it
If I take a peek
The truth is that it is filled with so many things that I can do right now


To cherish the “present” even more
I think about what has passed and what to come


But first to do work hard today, to work hard in the present

No matter what are you thinking of worrying about, if you simmer it down inside your mind,
[it comes down] to do what you can do right now with what you can do at the moment

That’s the only thing we can do


Akane-san, and Rika-san too
I’d like to cherishing the time we have together




Thank you very much for the Osaka performance, I was so happy ✨

I like Osaka🐙

Ikr ikr〜

It’s the octopus ain’t it〜





The Tour Final in Saitama too
is starting for three days from today, let’s have fun together!!!






There are still many that I want to write


So I’ll write again




Ozono Rei



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