This is Endo Riko ☺︎☺︎ (2023.10.10)

Thank you very much

for opening my blog.




I’m glad that I can update my blog without having to wait ten days☺︎


I think it’s been three days?

Hello, this is Endo Riko~.








The MV for 3rd generation’s song “Mamoribito” has been released!

Nagi-chan is the center ☺︎☺︎




I’m grateful that 3rd generation song received an MV again this time.


I have one more song that I cherish.



I hope this work will convey the determination of the 3rd generation members.









“What can I do?

is simply what I will keep on thinking”




“We can overcome any difficulty if we have a feeling for what we cherish and support each other”


The smile at the end is an expression that has such meaning.



While worrying about a lot of things, I’d like to grow to become someone who can protect

this group named “Sakurazaka46” that has been created by our seniors for Buddies and my group mates.








Mio Peace ✌️


She told me to give hand 😗Part 2

Reina 📷







I’d be happy if you could give it a look!












I wrote about Mamoribito

on today’s blog ☺︎




I hope that Mamoribito could be a very important work for everyone! 🙏





It might have been a bit too long and hard to read,





And lastly!


The 5th round of meet & greet ballot will start tomorrow

From 14:00 JST 11th October

to 14:00 JST 12th October!!


I look forward to meeting all of you ☺︎☺︎

I’ll be waiting~





Well then,

Thank you for today as well~, see ya 👋


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