Good evening (2023.09.10)

Imitating a dog’s paw. Woof


Prince Shoutoku…



My hair is shorter now, isn’t it~ 🐈


Because she said, “Are you going to put it up?~”,

I’m putting my first two-shot with a senior here…




It’s 🐰🐱




Do your best [at Love it!] 🐰 I watched you in the morning~








We just made our appearance in CDTV-san ☺︎


We did the first TV full performance of Sakurazaka46’s “Shonin Yokkyu” which will be released on 18th October~ For us 3rd generation members, it was our first music show as well as live broadcast

I was so nervous…


How was it…? I’m waiting for your impression

It was so cute when Yu saw the bottles from CDTV-san in the dressing room and said, “I’ve seen these bottles before~!”

I was also happy about it and got one for myself ☺︎



Kira-san taught me how to make a star with a rubber band

She played with me a lot πŸˆβ€β¬›







The autumn pollen has been crazy recently, isn’t it?

Yamashita has a pollen allergy so she’s having a hard time every day….

Everyone, please take care too~

Sorry for being late, I’ll update again soon




Yamashita Shizuki

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