Challenge Odakura Reina (2023.10.10)

Thank you again for your hard work today

It’s getting chilly, isn’t it?






In autumn, I like to get out of bed and go for a walk

It’s like seeing a world with no image resolution

but sometimes landscapes with rough outlines are more beautiful




I’m 19 years old Odakura Reina

from Tokyo.





Regarding Mamoribito



Well then, when I briefly touched Mamoribito in my previous blog


I wrote, “I live because I have someone I want to protect”, right?



The group is like a big tree trunk,

and all the members and fans are all holding hands and forming a big circle around it


The expanding circle brings even more people

and create a place for someone else


“I want to be someone who can protect that place”



is how I took in the lyrics.





It’s such a warm lyrics, isn’t it?


I hope that I can be a warm person as well



Taken by Miu 📸



We took pictures of each other and everyone else, but forgot to take pictures together


I will put on a picture with Miu on my blog one day

so please look forward to it



Miu seems to be liking me lately










When I and Rika looked at each other at 1:58


My hand sure is big, isn’t it


If it were a piano, it would fly one octave from Do to Mi.




Riko, the one I share a symmetrical position with

We took pictures with the closest prop to us


Riko Tidbits

She tends to jump whenever she’s happy or embarrassed


Whenever she jumps up and down, I approach and look at her while thinking, “Whoa”



So cute~








A teaser movie for Shinzanmono was released on X (Twitter) at 9PM JST, wasn’t it?


We want to create something that can convey our charm to a variety of people.


Please look forward to what will happen next~








the 5th round of meet & greet balloting


will open 10/11 14:00〜10/12 14:00 JST!



I’ve been looking forward to it every day,

thinking, “Can it be the time I can talk with all of you already~”


I’ll be waiting for you!




#おだくらさんの日記 (Odakura-san no Nikki / Odakura’s Diary)


Since Yuuzu has become a Love it! regular

I look forward to Monday every week ♪



In this changing of seasons, please keep your body warm so you don’t catch a cold~



Well then, see ya!

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