Twintail 2 Matono Mio (2023.07.12)



Hello everyone 🌸 

Thank you for opening this blog. 

I am Matono Mio ⌒(´❛-❛`)⌒ 





This is a twintail. 

The reason is 

because I tied my hair up in two 


It’s that simple ーーー 


That’s how it isss 



Happy birthday Nagi!!!!!!! 

I love her cheerful and energetic personality, the way she talks, her face, her style, everything 

When I hear that you’re 18 yrs old, you seem so grown up to me~

Please help me study ✍🏻 


I’ll be in your care from now on too 😁 
I love Nagi!!!!





Did anyone made a wish for Tanabata? 

I was at one studio that had a lot of tanzaku hanging,
so I hung one on a bamboo branch that says “Please be happy, everyone!!”
Maybe that’s not a wish lol 
[T/N: People write wishes on tanzaku/paper strips and hang it on bamboos for the Tanabata festival (July 7th) ← from meg’s t/l of yuzu’s last blog]


I wish to be with everyone for a long time~🍀



Online Meet & Greet 

Thank you very much!! 

Hearing everyone’s voices made my energy immediately surge. 

Really, thank you to those of you who came. 

I am really glad that you all took time out of your busy schedules to come and talk to me. 


I had fun talking a lot to those of you who came before and to those of you who came for the first time too! 

Even when I think about it now, I can still remember your faces, and how much I enjoyed your stories ☺️ 



Can’t wait to see you againーー〜( ;꒳​; )






7/1 I did a dumpling hairstyle〜🍡 


This blue shirt is so cute, it’s my favorite 

I feel refreshed just by wearing it〜🎐 





My hairstyle last time, 7/9👧🏻‎ 




I rarely wear ribbons, so I was told by the 3rd gens that it was unexpected 😀 





💙 “Weekly Shounen Champion” No.32 💙
I am featured on the cover and opening page gravure! 


I had a lot of fun shooting in a sailor uniform, which I love, and the yukata that I wanted to wear! 


I was featured with several other looks as well, so if you haven’t seen it, please do check it out〜! 


I would like to post the off-shots next time 📷😌






🐝Questions from the Fan letters that I received!! 🍯 🐝


🩵Q. Do you have any preference for a girl’s hairstyle or clothing? 

💙A. All hairstyles are cuuuuute and I like them all, but maybe because I have a long hair, I find girls with bob or short hair so cute 👧🏻

As for clothes, I really love everything from cute to cool!! 

Personally, when I see girls wearing girly clothing, I think it’s “Cuteeeee,,,,,” 👗 



🩵Q. What is your favorite onigiri filling? 

💙A. I think it’s mentaiko!! If it’s seared I go “YAAAASS!!!” 


🩵Q. Did you study dance? 

💙 A. I never studied it!
But, I did learn cheerleading and baton twirling👯

I have a fond memory of never being able to catch the baton after tossing it in the air and my teacher secretly telling me before the show that I didn’t have to toss it😇

Sorry everyone, I am the only one who didn’t toss it,, 😌 



🩵Q. Do you draw your greeting cards every month? 

💙A. I sometimes draw pictures for the card, but sometimes I just basically enlarge or cut some parts out of my previous drawings〜( ›ᴗ‹ )



Thank you for loads of questions!! 

I am having fun answering them, so I’d love to keep getting asked more questions.




Airi’s hairstyle during meet & greet was giving me deja vu the entire time, but I was just looking at her blog and I’m glad that resolved it lol 


And, I also thought about the audition story in Airi’s blog, and it’s already been a year. 

The past year seems to have passed by more quickly than ever. 


When I saw the ad for Sakurazaka audition, I was filled with excitement thinking about what kind of girls will be able to get in. 


But suddenly, I felt like I should try to audition too. 


I never thought that I’d be able to enter such a world from the audition photos I took in my uniform right after coming home from school… 



I didn’t expect to pass the document screening, so I didn’t tell my parents about it until just before the 2nd screening


I feel like the audition period alone is filled with various memories. 


In this world, I can learn new things, I can grow a lot, I can now do my best looking ahead. 


I am happy that you are supporting someone like me 🎤 




Thank you for reading until here!! 



I will love you forever and ever- 


(‘ ᵕ ‘ 🫶)




Tomorrow is Itoha~! 

Itoha, who is featured in Porno Graffiti’s music video, was the prettiest! 

I am so proud of you, Ito-chan!

Look forward to it 📖 





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