I wouldn’t particularly mind wearing a cartoon character’s costume. lol I’m Mukai Itoha and I’m kinda looking forward to it. Ah! Also there’s an announcement from Itoha so please take a look!!! (2023.07.13)






I’m the type that writes a bunch of tanzaku every year, because every time I see other people’s tanzaku hanging from the bamboo leaves, I end up writing a new wish.




That’s how much I love Tanabata!
[T/N: People write wishes on tanzaku/paper strips and hang it on bamboos for the Tanabata festival (July 7th) ← from meg’s t/l of yuzu’s last blog]






My wishes are a secret!













Thank you for opening my blog.


I   a m   M u k a i   I t o h a   f r o m   H i r o s h i m a   P r e f e c t u r e ,

I ’ m   1 7   y e a r s   o l d   a n d   i n   m y   2 n d   y e a r   o f   h i g h   s c h o o l .




I’m continuing off from Mio^._.^



We had fun playing badminton the other day lolol

Let’s play again sometime!!







Hey hey listen to this!!!!

I recently gave some sweets to Rika-nee and Yuzu as a thank you gift!



And they were super happy about it,




And I was so happy that they were happy!!!

I’m so excited about it, I have to find them more delicious food!!!







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6th Single Online Meet & Greet




Thank you for the coming to see me on July 9th!




It was awesome~.




It was lonely not being able to see you for a week, but I worked hard every day for it, so I’m glad we could spend some time together




Thank you!




I tried out a lot of hairstyles..!




First, hairstyles on July 2nd


Upper left was 3rd slot, upper right was 4th slot, lower left was 5th slot, lower left was 6th slot !



I did a lot of hairstyles I wouldn’t normally do!





What kind of Itoha do you wanna see next?






I’ll post the hairstyles I had on the 9th next time^._.^



I did

Curls, braids, twintails, and twin buns~!




Next time is still pretty up in the open..





I want to see you again soon.




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Story about something I did by myself recently






Hey listen to this!!



Itoha was able to go shopping in a very busy part of the city all by herself!




I’d only gone within walking distance the entire time I’ve been here, but finally rode a train to go somewhere!!!





I’ve gone to shopping malls with people before, and sometimes I’d arrive first and look at clothes by myself for a while but,




I finally went out start to finish all by myself!!





I did a ton of research ahead of time and went to go buy gifts, but it was so hard to decide what to buy…


I bothered the store employees so so much as I was deciding!!




They recommended me so many different things, and even though I was only buying it to give as a gift, I bought it for myself as well!! lol



But but, I had a really fun time going shopping, you know!!


hahahaha! I did it!








I shopped without thinking about later on in the day, so the very first thing I bought was something really heavy and I really suffered for it



If I think back on it now,,,

the same thing happened the first day I came to Tokyo too lol



My bag ripped on the way and I almost cried loll




But now it’s just a funny story




If I do something by myself again I’ll let you know!!




Praise me! hehe






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Story about my date with Rii





Finally, at last,,, I got to go out on a date with Rii!!



We went to the zoo that Itoha has been excited about going to for so long!




I had a dumb smile on my face when I read in Rii’s blog that she went out on a date… lol




Itoha’s favorites were


Common marmoset


Praire dog butts


and Naked mole rat!!!



Iguanas are such weird creatures

the whole time I’m like “What the heck is this thing~?” lol

while I’m laughing lolol




I was so happy that I got to go to the zoo and sent my family loads of pictures!!





But while getting to go to the zoo was great, more than that

going on a date with Riko was what I was the most happy about.





Getting to go to a place you love with a girl you love is the best isn’t it?






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About the 3rd gens





Today’s story is about Murai Yu





Yu is the impossibly funny type of natural airhead



I’ll tell a story about her being an airhead some other time lol






So like, one day Itoha was wearing pistachio colored pants during lesson





then, when we lined up as the lesson was starting,



I realized


hey… Itoha’s the only one whose pants aren’t black today… 




so I stood out so much
and Yu was laughing at me lol






So then at the next day’s lesson


I made sure to wear black pants this time and






Yu was the only one wearing pure white pants lmao





She stood out even more than Itoha did



She got so flustered when I teased her “Hm, looks like today Yu’s the only one wearing something different huh!” it was so funny!







It’s happened a few times since then

and I like it so much it how Yu says “ah I did it again, didn’t I~” every time



Thank you for always making me laugh!





Also, Itoha often wears mismatching colored socks, and the other day she was wearing light blue and purple.




I thought “Ah, I did it again, didn’t I..” and Yu was like



“Aren’t those my penlight colors? You really like me huh?” lol



And she didn’t even say it once, she kept saying it over and over again, looking so delighted each time lol


I kept saying “yeah yeah, I get it” but she just kept saying it, it was so adorable lol






Yu’s charm is that she seems like such a serious person, but whenever we’re together we’re always joking around, and she also has a side to her that’s sometimes careless




I’ll never forget this picture we took of us making funny faces on the morning of the day we were recording at FujiQ Highland. Lol




Thank you for everything, seriously.




Thank you for giving me food the other day

It was 100x more delicious than usual






The next story will be about Matono Mio



As I’m sure everyone already knows, she’s a funny girl.
Wonder which story I should tell lol




Look forward to it.






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Along with Hinatazaka46’s 4th gen’s Takeuchi Kirari, I appeared in

Porno Graffiti’s
“Abi ga Naku” message video


Thank you.





I’m super happy I got to work on something related to my beloved hometown of Hiroshima!




It was actually my dream to have Hiroshima-related work!


I feel so blessed to have this wish fulfilled.



“Abi ga Naku” is a wonderful song.

Please be sure listen to it along with the message video✨



Thank you.




You can find it here!






It was filmed in truly such a wonderful and beautiful place!



It made me think “I really do love Hiroshima so much!!!”





– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



Alright! I talked a lot again this time!



In fact, didn’t I talk for a particularly long time for this blog?? lol


I end up having a lot of fun while I’m writing





Oh, for those of you wondering about the title





Check out Sakukoi’s official YouTube channel! lol



I think you’ll understand if you watch the “3rd Generation: SakuKoi Earliest Experience Report” video.. lol









And now with that




Tomorrow’s blog will be from Yu
Her SHOWROOM was wonderful
Yu’s aizuchi is unbelievably good, so I want her to show everyone lolol
[t/n: aizuchi is a japanese word for the small interjections you make while listening to someone talk to assure them that you’re actually listening i.e in english “yeah. mhm. right, yeah.” etc]











About what I mentioned in my last blog



were you thinking “oh she didn’t post the




(▭-▭) photo, did she?” lol











Itoha will always be by your side



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