W-KEYAKI_FES.2022🌳🌸 (2022.08.22)

We were able to finish
the two days performance of W-KEYAKI FES. 2022 😊



Truly thank you very much
to those of you who have come to the venue
and to those who watched the stream of day 2!



It was my last concert.
It was a concert that was canceled before,
but I was able to stand on FujiQ’s Conifer Forest one more time in the form of transfer performance,


I truly feel how much of a miracle it was, and with it, I feel so much gratefulness to so many people!






On the first day, I just enjoyed myself and didn’t think about anything else ☀️
The weather was great too~.
I was also happy to be able to perform Buddies in Risa’s position!




On the second day, we were able to perform “Concentration” in front of an audience for the first time.
When it was decided that this will be my last concert, I asked the staff to let this song be performed because of how much I wanted to do it.


The costumes were made about 3 years ago.
We finally got to wear it 🎩
I had a lot of different feelings when this song was made, but I’m glad that the four of us could laugh as we rehearse,
and were able to successfully perform it.






And from there, the graduation ceremony was held at the encore 🤍





I was very nervous to stand on the concert stage alone and made a speech,
but I was able to wear a beautiful dress at the very end 👗
and I’m glad to have been able to properly convey my feelings in front of everyone!



I requested the color of the dress,
and it was designed by my beloved Onai-san ♡




Rina took the picture for me ♡





In the many photoshoots I did until now, I thought that the red color suited me among the various clothes and costumes I have worn,
so I decided on it after consulting with the stylist staff ♡



Did it look good on me~?











And while of course the previous concerts have been fun,
this two-day concert was the most fun I’ve had in the past 7 years.



I was able to look at many fans in the eye, smile at each other,
I had so much genuine fun
it wouldn’t be a lie to say that I had no regrets!



Thank you for showing your love with oshimen towel, handmade uchiwa, penlight and such ❤️



I was truly, truly, happy!






And truly thank you to Aoi,
who kindly and warmly welcomes me when it was decided that we will be doing the ceremony at the concert together.


And congratulations on your graduation 🎒
I was able to do my best to balance my studies because Aoi was there,
thank you for your many support ♡
Please continue to always be the same Acchan
And let’s continue to be friends~ 🚗♡












While my concert on the other day was my last one
my activities will continue for a little longer.



The last day of activity that I will spend with you is 11th September.
There is also the special event for album on this day!


Let’s continue to make many memories in the remaining ~3 weeks 🤍💛



I look forward to your continued support!








Thank you for the meguri yesterday ♡
I was happy to be able to hear your memories of the past 7 years and your impression of the concert ♪


My next meguri is on 4th September!
Please treat me kindly 💛










And it’s been announced yesterday,
but I will be in charge of “Sakurazaka46’s Ozeki Rika’s All Night Nippon 0”
that is on air 3rd September from 3 to 5AM JST, live!


It is close to my graduation,
as well as my first time being a solo personality on All Night Nippon 0.


I feel very nervous about it,
but I will do my best to convey my gratitude to the many listeners in this wonderful opportunity!



Inoue will also come as a guest 🦒
I’m very happy to be able to do a live broadcast together with Inoue at the end!




I will update you again when the date is coming 📻


Please do give it a listen.









I still have a lot of pictures, so I will be posting them in blog and mobame 🫶


It has become a long one,
but well then! 🍈











Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of 1st generation members ♡
Please take care of us on our 8th year as well~






Ozeki Rika

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