W-KEYAKI_FES_2022🏳️‍⚧️ (2022.08.25)

The other day, 「W-KEYAKI FES 2022」 was successfully held!! 😆💛

When it was announced that the event would be cancelled the first time around, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated when thinking of the members, staff, and Buddies.

Everyone had been working so hard toward it, and really looking forward to it…

I am sincerely grateful that we were given the opportunity to do a replacement show.

Thank you.


💭First Day💭

💭Second Day💭

「Concentration」 was performed on the second day

We were finally able to show everyone the outfit we got to wear for the 2019 music video shoot.

Onai-san, our stylist that has been helping us for a long time, designed an outfit for each of us individually.

I was feeling incredibly alienated from the group back then, but seeing this outfit and hearing all the thought that went into making it, I remember wanting to do the best I could.

I’ve wanted to wear that costume for a long, long time. It’s very important to me.

During a concert, we have to change outfits very quickly, leaving no time to take pictures, so here’s some from when we were filming the MV🎩

Thank you for cherishing Concentration.

Next up is the 2nd TOUR starting in September!

We’ll do our best, with everyone’s health coming first and foremost💨💨

Thank you💐🤍

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