W-KEYAKIFES🍧 (2021.07.30)


It’s late but, 『W-KEYAKIFES』was really fun☺️

Thank you to everyone who went to the venue and who watched via streaming!

Same-age Kumi chan♡

Poka was cute🐣

I was happy to go out together with Mei chan during the opening~☺️🦈

It’s been a while since we had an outdoor concert so it feels really good. It was the best!♪

I was really happy to see all the fans☺️

I found a lot of people bringing my towel, uchiwa and Aoko😳

Thank you, always☺️💓

And! The new uniform is really cute〜🧸🎀

I want to wear a Duffy headband with this uniform🧸🏰

See you☺️
Watanabe Rika

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