Warm Feelings🌳 (2022.06.02)

Thank you for opening my blog!


I am Endo Hikari, 23 years old from Kanagawa prefecture.





It’s been a while🌱
Before I knew it, the weather had already become completely like summer.

Make sure you all take care of yourselves, ok?
Get enough water and salt in your diet~




It’s a bit late to say this, but thank you everyone for the 2 days of Risa-san’s graduation concert.


I feel like putting it into words won’t do it justice, but
Since this is the last opportunity to do so, I want to convey my gratitude for all the things I wasn’t able to say before

There’s so much I’m feeling right now like that. It’s gotten overwhelming
I couldn’t stop crying.

I hope that my feelings are getting across properly.

Thank you for continuing the watch over the group, and for welcoming me in so warmly.

I’ll become a junior that can be relied upon!


You know, this two-shot is actually the first one I’ve taken with my phone. It was surprising even to me.
I’m so happy☺️Thank you so much🌿





I love Oze-san!☺️
I say that every time I see her lol
I love you!



I was nervous before the show, and she came looking for me to give me a hug. She’s so kind, it makes me so happy.
I’m always clinging to Habu-chan.
The beloved master✨



Marino-tan is so cute
Thanks for using the Sylvania-san house🐰🏠



Akiho gave me a hug too~🫶
She is my source of comfort with how pure she is~



It makes me so happy when she comes next to me when I’m alone
She reads me so well that I think she probably knows everything about me lol
Thank you for everything~


I love everyone!☺️✨

It’s been a while, so today I included lots of photos!✨




That’s all for today!
Thank you so much for reading my blog☺︎

I’d love it if you read the next one as well!

Until then!




Endo Hikari


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