When I’m getting my hair done, I sometimes take pictures to check if the back is curled properly (2023.11.24)

Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱

3 consecutive relatable titles. Lol

I was curling my hair again today
and took a picture to check.

I’m jotting this down to see
if this will be a thing. Lol

Today’s weather is good and the sky is beautiful☁️

Ah, I also wrote various things this time〜

🌱Tokyo Calendar December Issue

In the Ebisu feature,
I was able to enjoy a delectable sushi.

It was a happy time^ ^
Thank you!


I was thrilled with the very elegant styling
and mature atmosphere〜

It comes with an interview, so please have a look…!

🌱BUBKA December Issue

I was honored to be on the cover and opening feature of the magazine!
I’m so happy!

Kojima Nagisa and Taniguchi Airi were also featured in the magazine^ ^

There is also a survey done by all the members!
This is a special Sakurazaka issue〜🌸

Thank you very much…!

It was a fresh shoot with colorful outfits
and different hair arrangements🪽

🌱ar Hikaru no me

The theme for the December issue is “Travel!”

A camera is indispensable for travel,
here are some of the photos
I’ve taken so far 🎞️

I took photos with my camera〜

If you were to travel, where would you like to go?

Please check it out✌🏻

Here are the announcements for December〜

🌱2023 FNS Kayosai 2nd Night

On December 13 (Wed) from 18:30〜
In addition to performing Shonin Yokkyu,
We will participate in a collaboration with Yuzu!

We are very much looking forward to it!
Please come and see us!

🌱「2023 Asia Artist Awards」


The event will be held on December 14 (Thu)
at the Philippine Arena!

We were all surprised when we heard that Sakurazaka46 
was going to perform at the event!

I am honored 
to have this rare opportunity.

I will do my best 
to let as many people as possible know about Sakurazaka46🌸

And thank you all for voting!


Sakurazaka46 will appear on the EARTH STAGE
On December 28 (Wed) from 13:15〜🌏

I am very happy to be able to perform again this year! 
Thank you very much!

Let’s have a hot and exciting time at the end of the year! 
I’m looking forward to it〜

We’ll be waiting!

🌱74th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen

It was announced that Sakurazaka46 
will be performing at Kohaku.

This year was a year
in which I was able to take on new challenges
with the support of many people.

We hope to end the year 
with the greatest performance that Sakurazaka46 
can deliver now.

Thank you for staying with us until the end of the year!

Please have a look🔴⚪️

I am happy to be able to give you all 
a happy report in this way〜

I would like to cherish every moment^ ^

🌱Meet and Greet

Everyone was looking forward to Anila so much, 
so I was even more fired up 
to do my best to make it a great live show 
for the two days〜

I enjoyed talking with you about many other things🐾

And now, a collaboration campaign
is being held at Lawson!

There was also a Sakurazaka46 lottery,
which was placed in the backstage of Meet and Greet,
so I tried drawing~!

I got a canvas board
and a tumbler^ ^

Please try it too!


I’ve been into melon bread lately!

Also, I always have miso soup with nameko mushrooms 
before rehearsal〜

I recommend it^ ^

Well, that’s all for today.

Thank you for reading until the end!

I will update my blog again
About the anniversary live〜

The end🌱


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