When you have a perfect dream, you think that if you go back to sleep, you won’t be able to continue the dream (2023.11.08)

Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱 


🌱 Sukimakaze yo


The music video has been officially released!

Another important work has been added.
I hope you will watch it again and again
and enjoy the worldview of the song 🍂

I’ll post some off-shots!

Amazing scenery! I took a lot of photos〜


O-Ten! Her straight hair parted at the center is so cool!
Our positions are symmetrical this time^ ^

It was really cold……!⛄️

Karin! We were slapping each other and it was funny
because we both started having fun in the process. lol

Yui-san! I like the scene where she looks at the flames
I love Yui-san’s expression
and voice in that scene〜


Habu-chan! I felt sad
because it was the last music video shoot with her,
but I was relieved to see that she was still
making people around her laugh a lot^ ^


🌱 Shonin Yokkyu

We were able to perform it
At various music programs!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in!

They came up with different productions each time
and I was happy to deliver 
a new “Shonin Yokkyu” to everyone.

Thank you very much🌸




We will appear on

🌱November 10 (Fri) from 25:34〜
“Buzz Rythm 02”

🌱November 15 (Wed) from 17:30〜
“TV Tokyo 60th
Music Festival 2023”

Please watch if you have time〜

🌱Shonin Yokkyu -Shinsekai Performance-

We performed 
in the middle of a wonderful exhibit. 

Although “Shinsekai” has closed, 
I am happy to be able to leave behind work 
that I can look back on at any time.

Please have a look^ ^

Hikaru message: Thank you for coming!! Please continue to be Buddies 🙂 Let’s make a lot of memories…!

Once again, thank you 
to everyone who came to “Shinsekai!”

🌱Sakura Channel


I went to the Pokemon Center to shop!

I’m glad because this was a project
I’ve always wanted to do
since the YouTube channel was launched^ ^

It was fun to be in a place of happiness〜
Please check it out!

↑Here are some of my favorite goods
that I purchased recently🎄

Pokemon enjoying Christmas
were too cute…

Also, Kofu-san’s wallet, which I took a liking to!
The embroidered Venonat was cute^ ^


I took a rest from the meet and greet
on November 3 and 4.

I am very sorry to everyone
who were looking forward to it…

I hope to meet you in good health
in next week’s meet and greet and Anniversary Live!

Please take care of yourselves,
as it is easy to get sick these days
due to drastic differences in temperature◎

Well, that’s all for today.

Thank you for reading until the end!

The end🌱

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