When morning glories bloom How are you?  Nakashima Yuzuki (2023.07.11)




Good evening.

I’m Nakashima Yuzuki.







I’m continuing from Airi.


The “bus” argument that was written in Airi’s blog was the most ridiculous argument they ever had, I couldn’t stop laughing.





It was so hot today~ ☀️



Everyone, are you doing well?


I’m doing ve~ry well after eating Rika’s homemade karaage.

It’s the same karaage as the ones she made in her introduction vlog! She made it for everyone ♡


It was really delicious ♩ Thanks













Wanted to,





Participate in the Shiga location shoot!!!!




I wanted to go to Shigaー( ; ; )




I wanted to go,,(;_;)













I told Takemoto-san that I felt somehow confident that I’d be able to go, so I was really frustrated when I unexpectedly lost,



She said she’ll take me there next time!!








٩(^‿^)۶ Yaーy





She cheered me up 100 times more!




I did it, I did it, I did it!! ♩



I’ll be a good girl so she’ll really take me.













She’s bright, strong, smart, and always helping everyone.


It’s reassuring when Nagi is with me!


I want to be someone who can spoil Nagi who is reliable and hard-working.


Happy 18th birthday.

I wish you a wonderful year.










And for Habu-san too! Happy birthday ♡



Thank you for talking to the third generation members a lot.

You’re too funny. I love you.


I wish you a wonderful year.









“I want to become a Minion”




A tanzaku decorated with bamboo leaves that I saw while walking around town
[T/N: People write wishes on tanzaku/paper strips and hang it on bamboos for the Tanabata festival (July 7th)]


Seems like the bamboo was some kind of a kindergarten’s, and I was healed by that.



I quickly noted it down because it was too cute and I wanted to share it with everyone.




I hope all your wishes will come true 🎋











Thank you very much to everyone who came to the Meet & Greet on July 2nd and 9th!


I’m glad that everyone looked cheerful ☺️

It was nice to see your smiles ♩





My expression that was caught for a moment on camera,

Or a phrase I said in my blog,

I could feel that you were looking at things that I wasn’t even aware of and that made me happy.


I also got to know that everyone who I love also loves my beloved “Tori” and that made me happy 🐦



The next one will be at the end of the month.

Stay healthy until the day we meet again 🌻









“Seijaku no Bouryoku” Music Video passed 2 million views!


Thank you very much.


I often watch it at night.
On a hot summer night, just watching the video makes me feel soothed, and I feel like I can fall asleep peacefully.


I really want you to watch the performance on the mini live.












By the way!

It has been decided that LAWSON will hold a campaign with Sakurazaka46 this summer as well.

Thank you very much.

I really like LAWSON’s sweets, so I’m really happy!


I’m so excited









🌻I will answer the questions I received!🌻







Q. Favorite dog breed?


A. Chihuahua. Chihuahua. Chihuahua!
[T/N: She wrote it three times in hiragana, katakana, and alphabet]

But I like all of them! I also really like border collies!





Q. Your favorite kind of breadー!!?


A. Croissant! I like croissants that are crispy and buttery 🥐 I always buy them when I go to bakeries! I also always buy bread with red bean butter on it when available!






Q. What instrument did you play in the wind instrument club?


A. I played the french horn ♩ I like the sound it makes!






Q. Is there a job you’d like to try in the future?


A. Someday! I want a job related to Fukuoka or Oita or Kyushu~.





Q. How do you usually spend your time on rainy days?


A. I usually don’t go outside. Because the rain just makes me feel sad and lonely,,.





I wanted to answer all the questions I got, but! If I do that, the blog will be too long!


I’ll end it here for today. Thank you as always.

Actually, I take pictures of your letters with my phone so that I can read it whenever, hehe










It will take some time until the next Meet & Greet, so I’m posting a Support Yuuzu for you.





Cheer up by looking at this!









Tomorrow will be Mio!


She’s been especially clingy lately

Isn’t she so cute?






Well then, please stay healthy until my next blog.






Wishing the best for everyone 🌻



See you



From Yuuzu




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