With Hinata-san📸 (2021.07.25)





I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation from Miyazaki,
Matsuda Rina.



Thank you very much for opening this blog.




The pictures〜📸✨




She’s so cute as always 🥺
When I watch the Hinata-san on the second day, me and [Takemoto] Yui tried so hard to get noticed by Hinano lol

We stood together on the same stage in Omitatekai, and it’s crazy how it was back in 2018
Time sure flies by so fast~


I want to edit Riko in this lol





Ushio Sarina-san!!
Ushio-san reached out to me and she even told me her impression of BACKS LIVE 😭
It seemed that she always wanted to talk to me, it made me so happy!! I feel the same!!
Please call me Matsuri-chan!!




Sasaki Mirei-san!!
Whenever we met, like in the office, she would call with “Matsuri-chan!” and it always makes me happy…!
Ah, I’m happy that we are on the same age 😘
(The kind of person who are happy to have a little bit of something in common) <- Me
We are on the same age, but she feel like a kind older sister ☀️




Miyata Manamo-chan!!
She cut her hair and she looks super cute!!
I saw this during the rehearsal, but the way she run is super duper cute I kept looking at her!! ( ー̀֊ー́ )






I couldn’t seem to bring myself to talk with Hinata-san and was all nervous with Takemoto,


But we sat on the same table as Kato Shiho-san, Sasaki Kumi-san, Takase Mana-san, Kanemura Miku-san, Kawata Hina-san and was able to talk with them~!




I can’t really bring myself to talk to them, so all these pictures ↑ are a miracle





Costume from Day 1👗




We only wore this in the opening, but the details such as jacket and buttons are different for each members, it was so cute and stylish!!
I could feel the love… Thank you very much…!






I forgot to take picture of Day 3’s costume! 😱




And I… I forgot to upload pictures from the last 2nd single meguri, right…?

Eh, I’m truly sorry…

I’ll put it on the next blog!!
I’m sorry!!



Thank you very much for reading this blog.



See ya🌺🌴






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