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I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki from Kyoto





The MV of 3rd generation song “Seijaku no Boryoku” that is included in the 6th single “Start over!” has been released

Have you all seen it?…
How was it?…
I wonder if the MV or atmosphere of the song is 180 degrees different from what you have imagined
It’s something that I never imagined myself


When I listened to the song
When I learned the choreograph
When I discussed it with the other members
I hear a different song each time


I wonder if this is the kind of song that changes depending on the situation, the feelings, and how each person perceives it at that moment
Somehow I would listen to it at night, Natsu no Chikamichi in the morning
For me, while it might be contrasting with me, it has the same feeling of desperation and recklessness that can only be shown now. I really like this song
It was a period of discovery where I learned that there are 11 different answers to how 11 person perceives “loneliness”


The MV was mostly a group dance scene, but we learned the choreography using the instrumental and I could hear the sound of the piano from the intro… It was very difficult to dance the choreography to the backbeat as I could only hear it faintly if I listened carefully. Please watch it with that perspective if you’d like


We entered a sauna-like hot house together
We ate the strawberries that had been prepared for us
We did the usual energizing group cheer
We practiced singing
We unified the meaning of the lyrics



It was fun



Thank you very much for the 1M views of the MV
I hope that it could be a song that supports a lot of people

And this time I have been chosen as the center, and I am sure that there must be mixed opinions about it
I’d like to accept it all and do my best to make use of it in my future activities, so please continue to support me



It might have become a long one…

I’ll write more about it another time





Announcements ๐Ÿงธ



“Anan vol. 2353”, released 21st June

All 11 Sakurazaka46 3rd generation appears
The peace of mind from having a photoshoot with everyone…
It was a fun photoshoot where we had a cool styling~ By all means, please check it out~ ๐Ÿผ

anan-san, thank you very much




“ViVi August edition”, released 22nd June


All 11 Sakurazaka46 3rd generation appears
I was styled in a POP style I don’t usually do~ We did the photoshoot outdoors, and the weather was really good. By all means, please check it out

ViVi-san, thank you very much




“blt graph.”, releasing 7th July

Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation members gravure series is starting~ I was photographed as the top batter
3rd generation members will be appearing in the future, so by all means, please do give it a look

blt graph.-san, thank you very much




“non-no’, releasing 20th July

I was able to have a fun photoshoot while wearing a very cute make-up and outfit~
I’ll post the off-shot when I can
By all means, please give them a look

non-no-san, thank you very much




“IDOL AND READ”, released 21st July

Yamashita will be appearing as the back cover
The photoshoot wearing a very cute outfit was fun
By all means, please give it a look

IDOL AND READ-san, thank you very much




There are so many happy announcements…
Since I joined the group, I’m able to experience a lot and learn many things every day. Such as parts that I need to improve from looking at my pictures in magazines, or learning from seeing magazines my genmates appeared in…


Right now, Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation members SHOWROOM relay has stared ( ยจฬฎ )


The order of appearance is a secret~
I’d be happy if you could look forward to when Yamashita is going to make her appearance. I think it’ll be a laid-back stream, so I hope that you can watch with the same laid-back feeling… ๐Ÿป




And then,


A CD purchaser special application lottery for 6th single “Start over!” has been decided


And real meet & greet will be held from this single!
I, too, look forward to being able to chat with you face-to-face after only being able to see you through the screen because of the COVID pandemic…


I will do my best so that you can both enjoy
Meet & greet through the screen
and face-to-face meet & greet
Let’s chat a lot~





I went to Conan cafe with Riko
She gladly accompanied me…
It was fun

We had fun solving the riddle~

We also went to buy a plushie that I wanted, which was released that day
The hint is dark blue ( ยจฬฎ )
โคด ( there’s no way anyone knows~ )





And so around here
I bring today’s blog to an end




Sorry that it has become a long one
but I usually post a short blog, so…
I will be answering many of your questions next time
the congratulatory flowers I received too ูฉ(หŠแ—œห‹*)ูˆ



Tomorrow is Rika
I got a dress from her the other day
It’s a dress with a flower pattern. I’ll post the picture in the future
Thank you โœฟ โ€Ž









I wonder if there is anyone scrolling down this far?
I don’t usually say something like this, but…


Please stay with me forever ( ห™๊’ณโ€‹ห™ )


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