Yellow (2023.06.25)



It’s been 10 days!

The one in charge for today’s blog
is Ishimori Rika〜



Please treat me well☺




It’s been hot lately〜
Thank you for your hard work today as well, at work, school, and part time jobs, etc.

You did your best〜
Please praise yourself ☺
Everyday you’re amazing!

There’s only a little more to go this month
Please take it easy

( ˊᵕˋ)ノ ( ._.)




Yuzu took it for me〜📷



In the music video
The hood was on my head!
The one that was used was the one where it fell off halfway through,

But actually, there was also a take where the hood was still on my head until the end〜 lol
I hope to show it to everyone someday〜







Information on the 6th single has been released, hasn’t it?



This time, in addition to the common coupling song “Seijaku no Bouryoku”
Another 3rd generation song,
Anthem time, was given to us
Thank you very much
We are very happy…

Keeping our feet firmly on the ground
We will continue to do our best


I personally like Anthem time very much〜〜!
Of course I love the melody
The lyrics!!! I love them so much,,!!!
I can’t wait for you to hear it〜



All the other songs are amazing too
Please look forward to it〜☺




We will also be participating in the “Real Meet & Greet”!

Yay! I’m so happy〜〜



To be able to see your faces for even one second longer
I’ll do my best to talk to youー!!
Let’s stay together as long as possible

( ˶˙ᵕ˙˶ )



I’m looking forward to it〜
It is my dream to have a handshake event with you someday ☺





I’m also looking forward to
the online meet and greet〜〜
One week to go!

Finally, we can talk again
I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to do my hair
and what clothes I’m going to wear
so please look forward to it〜

I’ll be happy if you come to see me☺





We currently have a 3rd gen SHOWROOM relay


I was the first person to appear!
I was nervous,,
“What kind of atmosphere should there be?”
“How should I speak?”
I was trying to figure out those things in the middle of the stream, but
To those who were able to watch
Thank you very much ( ˶˙ᵕ˙˶ )




Talking with the 3rd gen all this time
I wish we could appear together〜😢
Please watch my stream〜😢
Is the content that flys around in our conversations lol

Today as well
Yuzu told me
Please come my stream〜( ;  ; )

I want to goー!




Not only in SHOWROOM, but
I get nervous when I do something for the first time
In this job as an idol
Everything is a first for me
I don’t know what’s right and left, and I’m walking little by little
There are days when I feel like it’s too hard and end up in pain, but

If I had made any one choice differently
I often wonder if this moment would not exist

“Seijaku no Bouryoku”
“Anthem time”
They are very heartwarming songs
I’m being saved〜







It’s a little off topic, but…

I want to appear with all the 3rd gen someday〜☺



There are still some people remaining so
Everyone please look forward to them♩





The congratulatory flowers I received
from the Fukuoka and Osaka performances!
Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for all the flowers I received
on Sakurazaka46’s 3rd tour☺
They are all my treasures ( ˊᵕˋ )♡
Thank you for thinking of sending me flowers
and for thinking what kinds of flowers to send me.
I love you all! ]







Finally, I’ll answer questions
I got from your letters 🌝




Q If you could have a vacation and go on a trip with the 3rd gen, where would you go?


Maybe I want to go where we stayed for training camp one more time! lol
I want to cook and eat with everyone
Look at Mt. Fuji and do radio exercises〜

Also, it’s not traveling, but
Just recently
We were talking about how we would like to do fireworks together〜☺




Q Please tell me your recommended makeup tools!


It would be a skincare recommendation, but
“Rice Bran Enzyme Cleansing” by “Minnade Miraiwo”’
is what I like〜☺

My skin has become smooth
and I feel less prone to acne!
(I guess it depends on the individual 💦)

I use it as a face wash
rather than a cleanser ☺
Please use it if you’d like,,!




Q What did you do while traveling to different places during the tour?

I just looked at the scenery outside ー!
I like to look at the city,
Even when I go for a long walk
I don’t wear earphones or anything, I just walk around
I observe things like how nice the stores are here
or how there is this kind of nature here☺






All of the 3rd gen are appearing in the August issue of “ViVi”

Everyone was fresh and cute with hairstyles and outfits that you don’t usually see〜!



All the 3rd gen are appearing in “anan” no. 2353 as well

We took cool photos in black and white outfits!




We are so happy that all the 3rd gen members were invited

We laughed a lot〜〜
After all, the time spent laughing together makes me happy


Recently, Ito-chan
has been calling herself Ito-mame (mame = bean)
She attaches mame to a lot of things like
“Ito-mame is〜” and “I’ll do this mame”
I don’t know why she does that, but
personally, it makes me laugh
I laugh whenever Ito-chan says
Ito-mame! lol


Come to think of it, Shii-chan
Also said she thought of a new nickname
She asked “How is ‘Kinokoshii’? (kinoko = mushroom)
I don’t know why she put kinoko at the beginning of her name
Shii-chan is cute like that too ☺
She said she wanted to eat my cooking as well
She also said she wanted to watch me while I make it
Shii-chan seems to like karaage so
I want to make karaage!






I think that’s about it for today.!





That’s all!





See you〜!

Tomorrow is Riko-chan’s turn!
During her SHOWROOM
I was so happy when she said that only Rika can call her “Pucci”〜(  ˊᵕˋ  )


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