11. This is Endo Riko (2023.06.26)






Thank you for opening this blog!! ☺︎



I’m Endo Riko, a 17 years old 2nd year high school student from Saitama.






I wonder what kind of person is the “me” that reflects in everyone’s eyes?




The “me” from when we first meet,
The “me” in the documentary,
The “me” in “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”
The “me” when I’m performing,


Everyone must have different impressions on each of them, right?


I’m often confused about all of the different sides of myself as well



”I wonder what kind of person I am…”
I don’t know the answer, and it ends up making me feel uncertain about myself.




The gloomy side of me,
The competitive side of me,

And parts of me that I hate, of course I have those too.



Regardless of what kind of aspect of myself it is, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s part of who I am

Even when there’s that part of me,
There are people that would say that they like it.


The fact that there are people who accept me,
has become such a source of emotional support for me





I hope, everyone will support me,

And I also want to be someone who can be a support to everyone too. ☺︎




I tried writing about what I thought when reading the letters. ☺︎

Thank you as always~





[Did you guys watch my SHOWROOM livestream?]



I’m happy that there are many people watching for my first SHOWROOM stream. ☺︎



Did you guys have fun,,,?



Personally, I didn’t think that I did a great job talking there.

That’s what I thought, looking back on it. 😥



But!!, because of everyone’s comments,


And letting me read a lot of them,
And we managed to talked a lot,


I really had a lot of fun~♪
Thank you so much.




If I get a chance to do it again,
Please come again okay, you’re very welcome here. ☺︎


I will talk a lot more!!!!
I will collect stories to talk about ahead of time okay, lol.

Please wait~




※Regarding the Pucci nickname

The Pucci nickname is special only for Rika!!



※About how I supposedly hit Reina-chan really hard

I love Reina-chan.
This is just the other side of love… lol



※Actually impatient?

That’s right, I’m impatient. 🫣
But, I think I would lose to Nagi-chan’s impatience.



※Have you gotten taller?!!

When I lined up with Airi, I felt like Airi looked smaller! ☺︎☺︎
I wonder if I’ve gotten taller~♪





[Kochira Yuurakuchou Hoshizora Housoukyoku~!]



Have you guys listened to it? 😳


It was fun getting to talk a lot with Inoue-san~☺︎


Inoue-san is really kind~!

When recording for the radio, she’s also always smiling, it erased my nervousness. ♪



I’m hoping that someday I can go for a parfait together with her, lol. 🍓








All 11 of us 3rd gens were featured in “anan no. 2353” edition that was released on 21st June.

We were able to capture a lot of all 11 of us 3rd gens’ smiles and cool expressions wearing monotone clothes.

Thank you so much.


That day everyone told me that I looked mature~!!





All 11 of us 3rd gens were also featured in “August Vivi” edition that was released on 22nd June!

It was refreshing to receive a different styling than we usually get, and the shooting was so fun!
Thank you so much.




You might be able to see a new side of the 3rd gen!😏

Please check it out okay! ☺︎





[Meet & Greet]


Right, right!!

The details for Real Meet & Greet have been posted right. ☺︎


I’m very excited right now to think that I will be able to meet directly with everyone!!

I’m excited for it~ I’ll be waiting for you, okay. 🫣





[Question Corner!!]


○What do you do on your day off?


I laze around a lot.
I watch drama or anime while I relax!
And then, maybe at night I go for a walk?

Basically, I’m the type that would be okay to stay at home alone~ ☺︎



○What kind of topics do you want to talk about in Miguri?


Right, Meet & Greet is nearing right!!
I can’t waitt.

I would be happy with whatever you want to talk about. ☺︎
From mundane chit-chat to consulting about stuff~
But, maybe I’d also like to know your feelings about my blogs or about “Seijaku no Bouryoku”!

If you’re so nervous that you can’t talk, then I will talk to you instead. ☺︎



○Have you ever been to Hokkaido?


Since it’s a memory from when I was a kid, it might be an illusion but I think I have!!

I have this image of it being really cold, lolll.

I want to go again~



○What kind of onigiri filling do you like?🍙


I think I like mentaiko~!!


If it’s onigiri I’m buying from a convenience store, I like the kombu filling one. ☺︎
I get the impression that there aren’t many girls that like kombu right…
What about you guys~?





🐶What team are you guys? Team Riko of course~!!🐶


A continuation from the previous one,
I will be doing it again this time!!

This is part of my plan of making all of humanity to be Team Riko. ☺︎
(People who watched my SHOWROOM will surely get it,,,,,)



Are you guys team curry rice?
Or team hayashi rice?



I’m team hayashi rice.

But of course,
I also like curry rice!



But everyone is Team Riko righttt!!!??


#私は理子派 (#I’mTeamRiko)

Using that tag,
Tell me what team you are okay~ ☺︎

(I think there would be a lot of team curry rice this time!!)







This is during the MV shooting. ☺︎

Who was it again that took it?!! lol
Maybe Airi~? I think so! 🤔




The blog this time will end here!!

Wait until the day that I will post a blog again, okay.
Today too, everyone is~ Riko’s captive! ☺︎



Next time I will try taking a pic wearing glasses! 👓
Look forward to it okay~

Actually, on the day I’m writing this blog, I just bought a pair of glasses! ☺︎




Tomorrow is Reina-chan!!
On the next blog I will post a 2-shot with Reina-chan okay. ☺︎☺︎




PS .
During the Osaka leg, I didn’t spit out the hot takoyaki and ate it properly~ 🐙
(Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?)

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