⑦ (2023.05.13)

Thank you for opening this blog.





I’m Endo Riko, a 17 year old 2nd year high school student from Saitama.



With Golden Week ending,
The day I’m in charge for the blog also has come~👏



What did you guys do for this year’s Golden Week?



For me, I did my assignments, watched TV, and just spent time with my lazy life.



It sure would be nice if I had a more fulfilling Golden Week huh~

I regret it a little, lol.





[My First Sakumimi]

Though I forgot to write on the last blog,



”Rikariko” made their first appearance on Sakumimi~!



How’s “Rikariko” for our combi name?

As for us, we really like it~☺



Since I’m not that good at talking,
I was really nervous for my first Sakumimi,,,


I wonder if I managed to talk well. 😥



Reina-chan and Nagi-chan’s Sakumimi also has been posted right~
Both of them sure are great at talking right ☺




[Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?」



The “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?” episode the other day,

                        Was the 3rd generations’ sports episode right~



I wonder if you guys have watched it.



Sports episodes,
It must be a theme you guys like, right?

I love it as well.



“You look like you’re bad at sports”

                                                  I get that a lot.



You guys must be thinking the same too right??



But, I can do sports just fine!!


Please don’t look down on me, okay. 😏



”If there’s a sports episode, I’ll certainly get the 1st rank in bridge!!”
I was so excited and said that…


Who would have thought that Airi’s specialty is bridge…! 😱

I was pretty frustrated.



Should I work on my back’s flexibility for next time~
I wonder if there is a next time? 😶





[🌸Sakurazaka Channel🌸]


This is also a bit late,
But Sakurazaka has also opened our own YouTube Channel!!

Have you subscribed~?
If it’s me, I have. 😏


If there are people that haven’t subscribed.
                               Please try subscribing okay. ☺




The first commemorative video has also been posted. ♪




It’d be a wonderful opportunity to have more people know about Sakurazaka46. ☺


It’d be great if there will be more people that become interested in Sakurazaka from this opportunity,,,😌



For the people that haven’t watched it, be sure to watch it okay~








↑A two-shot with Shii♪
(It was during the photopack shooting. ☺)



During the Fukuoka performance,
I wanted to take a two-shot with Shii, but I forgot to take it and was shocked by it.

I will get it next time~!!



I’m still bad at taking selfies with other people, so I often ask the other person to be the one to take the pic.
This time, though it was me who invited her,
I ended up asking Shii-chan to be the one to take the pic. 😅

I have to overcome it soon…



Oh, by the way,
Most of the combi names among 3rd gens have been decided right~☺

I still have yet to think about something for me and Shii-chan combi name. 🫢


What do you guys think is nice?!


There must be a lot more right. 🧐
Since I have no sense for it at all, I wouldn’t know though,,,


Should I have Shii-chan think about it~☺

If you guys have a nice idea for it too, please tell me okay. ♪




[Thank You for The Letters☺]


The letters!!
I have received them~☺



I’m a little late getting them.
Sorry! 🙇‍♀️

In the letters, you guys wrote about the details that happened in past events. I read it while also having nostalgia~!



I also received letters from people that came to Meet & Greet.

”Oh! I remember! I remember!”

I happily read it while getting a bit excited by that. ☺



To be able to receive letters sure makes me happy.

I managed to receive energy from reading everyone’s letters!
It made me able to think, “Let’s work harder~!”



Since I would also answer a bunch of questions.
If there are things you want me to tell you about, please ask me~☺





[I Wonder If You Noticed It?]

⇧What’s different from the usual~?


The answer is~?



I tried wearing a colored contact lens!!!!

It’s my first time wearing one, how is it?
I tried my best when putting it in!


”Personally, I didn’t really notice much difference.”

I would get a bit sad from that. 🥲



Oh, but!

For the people that love me,
You would surely notice even a small difference right? lol



I would like to know the colored contact lens you guys recommend!! 🫣





[Team Three Sisters]


On the last Yuuzu’s blog,
There’s a pic of team Three Sisters right. ☺

I felt the love from Yuuzu, lol.



And and,
The other day, team Three Sisters also went out together!



Airi, who is nice and cute just like a 👶
Yuzuki-chan, who is funny and can be a dependable big sis.



Since both of them are laid back people,
When I’m with both of them, I can feel at ease.

I’m glad that during the training camp I was teamed up with these two. ☺



Before the training camp,
Because we’re from different regions, we didn’t really get to talk with each other.
While I was being saved by the kindness from both of them in the training camp, we managed to become close in an instant!



I, really love team Three Sisters,,,





The blog this time,
Didn’t I manage to talk about a lot of things right!


Did you guys enjoy it?


Since I’m also still learning how to write blogs,
Please tell me if you have some kind of advice.😓


Well, the blog this time will end here!


Thank you so much for reading until the end!


Look forward to Reina-chan’s blog up next~♪

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