Twintails (2023.05.12)




It’s been a while, everyone.!

It’s been 10 days〜〜


Is there anyone who has been waiting〜📣




The one in charge for today’s blog
is Ishimori Rika ☺︎





The past 10 days of work, school,
part-time jobs, etc, Thank you for your hard work ☺︎


I wonder if it’s that time of year when we miss Golden Week…
Did you have a relaxing time〜?

There are also people who had work, aren’t there?
Thank you for your hard work every day



You did your best〜〜〜!



Those of you who are working hard
I really respect you! So cool!


We tend to use the phrase “do your best” for everything
It’s easy to say
But it is surprisingly difficult to really do your best, isn’t it?

Every day I get to experience many things
I, too, without setting my own limits
want to continue to grow


I will do my bestー.




It’s almost as if it’s summer
I’m surprised that the hot days are gradually increasing
Please soak yourself in the bathtub and rest your body〜

(By the way, I’m still addicted to the onsen series of bath salts 🤫)








Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?

The 3rd gen athletic ability test has aired〜!


Wearing jerseys in the gymnasium with everyone
It was so much fun to exercise〜
It was like gym class

Everyone’s ponytails and twintails
were cute, it was a happy space ☺︎



I’m too much of an average person
so I wasn’t able to show my good points
I’m sorry…



Filming, recording, they’re hard…




But it’s been a while since I’ve exercised
It was fun
I personally want to do the 50m run again…!

I’m sure I was faster than that 🧐




Twintails ☺︎





By the way, this photo
was released as an off-shot
from the official LINE account of Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka? 📸


From now on
I’m sure many more off-shots will be released in the future
So please add them ☺︎







I appeared on “Sakumimi” for the first time!



In the warm atmosphere
We talked a lot as “RikaRiko” 〜( ¨̮ )

I felt like I could talk with Riko-chan in the same atmosphere that I always have with her!
Thank you, Riko-chan〜♡




I love the radio


My father listens to the radio quite a bit
On holiday mornings, the radio was often playing in the living room
I used to listen to it in the car too〜



Being on the radio was
one of my dream jobs that I wanted to do so
I was really happy…


I am very happy
to have people listen to my voice
I love the soft atmosphere that is unique to the radio
I would like to do the kind of radio work that naturally calms people’s hearts and minds




If you haven’t heard it yet, I hope you will listen to it!|
You can listen to it from the fan club’s RADIO page 📻








May 9 was Ito-chan’s birthday 🎂
Happy birthday Ito-chan!

She laughs a lot and is interesting
Just looking at Ito-chan cheers me up
and naturally bring a smile to my face!


I know that
Ito-chan always puts the people around her first before herself☺︎

To Ito-chan who has a kind heart
I am very happy to have met you


Let’s make it a wonderful year!


During the music video shoot〜


In Natsu no Chikamichi’s
“Rays of light shine through the clouds, and in between”
I love the part where Ito-chan and I
are back to back ☺︎








The Sakurazaka Channel has been opened on YouTube〜!
I’m so happyー!

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for it as well ☺︎


I was also watching the livestream
and while the seniors were making okonomiyaki and takoyaki,
I read everyone’s comments saying
“Call Rika-chan!”
I was so happy〜〜


I’m sure this will be a place where you can see a lot of different sides to us
So please subscribe to our channel ( ¨̮ )






Question corner!



Q When do you get excited?


There are so many〜

Meet and Greet.
When I can perform to the best of my ability.
When I read letters.
When I find ice cream in the freezer that I thought was gone.
When I eat chocolate.

And many more!


Q If Rika-chan could participate in just one Sakurazaka song, which song would she participate in?


Naze Koi wo Shite Konakattandarou?

I guess…
I really like the tune and the dance

If as a unit, Seifuku no Ningyou ☺︎



Q I want you to decide on a hashtag for the blog!


I’m having a hard time deciding on a hashtag!
I’m thinking of “Rika no Burogu” (Rika’s Blog),
How about “rikanoblog”…?

If you have a good one, please let me know〜!
I think I’m going to make it


for now 🧸







I’ll end today’s blog like this

Is it too long every timeー??


Since it’s a relay
I end up cramming too much inー,.


What kind of content would you like to see on the blog?
Let me know in a letter if you’d like ☺︎








Tomorrow is Riko-chan’s turn!



See you〜




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