☺︎ (2021.06.21)

Thank you for your hard work today
It was my mistake
For leaving it unattended but,
Pomu tore up many pieces of cotton.
I have seen this happening few years ago
When I go to work,
Pomu will stay at home.
He will take out a whole box of tissues and,
Tore them all up one by one
When I came home and saw the room
It was covered with pieces of tissues
I remembered it looking like it just snowed
Is this a way of life for all dogs?
To torn tissues into pieces
And then, there was also a time where half of the carpet got turned over
As expected, it was also Pomu
Such an amazing strength. Where did you hide it all?
I thought. 💪🏻🐶
But I play with Pomu everyday,
The time we laze around together,
Is really a relaxing time
Since Pomu came to my house,
I feel really blessed every day~🐶
By the way, right now,
Maybe because I tied my hair into a bun today,
He mistaken the bun as a toy,
He kept targeting it the whole time, but had a hard time playing with it.
My precious hair…
However, that’s also happiness in the end 🐶

Broadcasting today from 24:20 JST~
TV Asahi’s “Bibirasetei”
I will be appearing on it together with Ten-chan 🐺


By all means, if you have time to spare
please watch it 🐺
You can also watch it on ABEMA,
By all means, please watch it there as well.
Well then

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