‪‪☺︎ (2022.05.19)

Good evening

Thank you for your hard work today too.

Next week, 26th May, 19:00~
I’ve been invited to appear on “Prebat!”‪‪☺︎‬

I’ve always been watching “Prebat!” since even before I became an idol;
because it’s a show I’ve always been watching since I was in Keyakizaka,
it might be presumptuous for me to put this into words,
but I’ve been secretly admiring this program for a long time.

When I heard about it,
I was honestly delighted…😳

I was a little nervous,
but watching the broadcast of that time back then
when Hikari-chan was invited to do spray art

The way Hikari-chan seriously faces the thing she enjoys
and her work that she put her many thoughts and feelings into
really struck a chord in my heart.

The baton that Hikari-chan has handed me
So that I can pass it on to another member next time
“I’m going to do my best!” I felt.

And Hikari-chan came and told me directly
“Please do your best!”
It was really reassuring and made me so happy🌱

Thank you Hikari-chan☺️

On “Prebat!”
I’ve been invited to appear on the
“Haiku” and “Eraser Stamps” segment.

I’ve practically never composed a haiku before,
so tapping on my mental dictionary that was all but lacking in vocabulary
I was wracking my brain trying to search for words

While drawing upon the scenes that came to mind then
and feeling the fun in creating the lines
I was able to come up with them

As for carving rubber stamps
Even including my student days, I had practically no opportunities to do “sculpting”,
so I had completely no experience
I couldn’t imagine how it would turn out
so I was anxious about it, but

Once I started actually making them, it was fun
I enjoyed exploring a new side of myself
and it felt like I had discovered a new hobby.

For the first time in a while, apart from my usual activities
I was able to find something that I like and immerse myself in it

5/26 (Thursday) 19:00~
I would be very happy if you tuned in to watch.

A big dream of mine came true and I had a really enjoyable time…🌼

Until next time.


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