‪‪☺︎‬ (2022.07.06)

Good evening


Thank you for your hard work today too.


Lately, I’ve been eating out a lot with Inori,

for meals and sweets ‪‪☺︎‬



There are days when rehearsals ended early,

and since there was practically nothing else scheduled on those days

naturally, we started going around to many places.



The two of us who were completely obsessed with food

talked about nothing but food,

And when I realized that

for some reason, it felt a little heartwarming.



We even found stores that we’d like to go to in the future 🍩



In the end, on the day after that too,

I naturally went out for a meal with Inori and Poppo 🫢



Going with the flow 👍🏻





I was able to fill in the narration

for the webtoon creation reality show

“TOON GATE” ‪‪☺︎‬



This is my first narration work

and I think that there are many things that I didn’t do too well,

But as I see the process

of producing the works that are full of uniqueness and charm,



As I see their feelings towards TOON GATE and their work,

and the dramatic happenings,

My heart was struck, and sometimes ached

I put a lot of my own feelings

into the narration.



It will be broadcast on YouTube

every week on Tuesday and Friday from 20:00 JST

By all means, please give it a look🌷





It has been decided that Sakurazaka46’s 1st album

“As you know?” will be released on August 3rd☺︎‬



Towards the release

various details will gradually come out

so please look forward to it ‪‪🌱



And the online meet and greet to commemorate the release

of 1st album will be held ☺︎‬



The application opens tomorrow July 6th 14:00 JST~!*


*T/N: Just as how she put it



We will be able to talk for a longer time than usual

so I really look forward to it!🐶






Let’s have a chat~~ 😌





Bam, here are

the pictures I took recently.






The happy birthday girl tomorrow☺︎

I’ll congratulate her a lot.













Well then.




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