Karate, eating quickly, testing courage! (2022.07.12)

Karate, eating quickly, testing courage!




Now, as member of the TBS “Love it” Wednesday family,

I will be in charge for the months of July, August and September 🐰


I’m very happy!!



The two Love it family members, Moriya Rena and Tamura Hono,

told me “They make everything interesting, so just have fun!”, and…

They were right*


To everyone who watched the first broadcast,

Thank you very much!


I just laughed for about two hours…*



And, and

I got the official sticky note and pen,

It’s been a while since I’ve been free to write notes! Write, write _φ(_




Returning to the beginning,


For the first episode, I wrote the special skills of Mitorizu’s Moriyama-san

“Karate, eating quickly, testing courage!”


I’ve learned that it’s a win if you write about your specialties 〜〜


If you think you have a special skill, you have a special skill!



By the way, the special skill I found for myself recently is

Remembering and laughing

I can do it anytime and anywhere!



I hope everyone can spend their day with a smile on their face and think “Oh, that was fun!”

I hope I can make your Wednesday mornings more enjoyable!



Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 13, from 8:00 A.M.

Please watch “Love it”



See you 〜〜




Ozono Rei

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