Items (2022.07.06)


I’m Moriya Rena🍒



In my last blog,

I wrote that I wanted to eat some delicious shaved ice,

but I still haven’t gotten to eat it until now… lol



The days where the sunlight is intense continues,
has everyone been taking precautions against UV rays?


Lately, there are a few UV protection items that I like…


FATUITE’s Day Cream

Her lip to’s Glow Sunscreen Serum




For FATUITE’s cream
I apply it to my face in the morning
but of course, it moisturizes the skin too
It has SPF as well,
so it also serves as a simple protection from UV rays!


Recently, at the end of my morning skin care routine
I’ve been making sure to apply it🪞✨


For Her lip to’s sunscreen
I use it for my whole body.
It has ingredients that soothe the skin
and after all, it’s the texture that I like!☺︎
There are pearls in it, so it gives the skin a beautiful glossy look.



In anan No.2307, which released today
For the “Climbing the Slope of Beauty” series
This time, the focus will be on hairstyles〜👱🏻‍♀️🎀


Even for those who are not good with styling their own hair
This time, the hairstyles that I’m introducing
will be simple and easy to do☺︎


Let’s look forward to wearing summer hairstyles together〜🌻


In the middle of styling my hair


Please be sure to check out anan☺︎






Tomorrow, July 7th (Thursday), from 8:00A.M.
I will be appearing on the VTR of
TBS’ “Love It!”🐰🎀



This episode is the ranking for
the 2022 1st Half Best Hit Products
Snacks and Sweets Category


I got to go on a location shoot with Daitaku-san!




I’ll be showing the snacks I usually eat,
and there will also be
many new snacks that I’d never seen before 🍩


I’d be happy if you would tune in to watch☺︎





Starting tomorrow, Ozono Rei has been joined
to the Wednesday family of Love It!〜🐰🤍


I hope you can look forward to every Wednesday again, by all means~🐰



Today is the start of
the meet and greet applications for the 1st album☺︎


It seems like we get to talk longer than we did for the single!


I’m really looking forward to being able to talk with everyone
I’ll be waiting😉💓


The application deadline is until July 7th, 14:00.


See ya〜



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