☺︎ (2022.10.13)




Good evening


Thank you for your hard work today.


I will make an appearance on the TV Show “Prebat!!”
which is airing later today at 19:00 ☺︎


☺︎ (2022.10.13)



I will appear in
“The 2nd Flip book eraser stamp art contest” segment!


This time, the content of the eraser stamp art
is a bit different from the last time
that I made an appearance in the show,


You make the eraser stamp arts,
and you keep pressing them while shifting the papers little by little,
this is how to make a flipbook comic.


Last time, I put my feelings into one piece,
but this time the story and the movement were very important, so I was extremely worried…


Besides the story and of course the movement of each piece,
I kept thinking so much about how to
convey the contents through the carved design shapes
and their coloring in the eraser stamp.


When it comes down to it, I feel nervous and anxious about
evaluation results and rankings, 


I wanted to convey in a straightforward way
what I wanted to create and express
to as many viewers as possible,


I kept working on creating this while hoping that
viewers could think “oh this is nice” even if it’s just a bit,
the time I spent thinking and worrying about it, including the time it took to create it, was something really enjoyable ☺︎


At that time, I really did the best I could and I incorporated all of it into that work,
so I hope that it reaches as many viewers as possible…


And the words that the staff would say to me
from time to time were very warm and
I became greedy and fired up thinking
“I can still work harder… ❤️‍🔥”,
the kindness and warmth from the staff
allowed me to work comfortably in a calm space, where my heart always felt pleasantly warm.


I enjoyed spending time with everyone from the staff so much
that it made me feel a little bit lonely somehow
to finish the work 😌


I was very nervous because it was also a battle against the co-stars who are extremely talented at this,
but it was also an important time to learn the eraser stamp technique from everyone,
so from now on I would like to practice every day so that I can put it to good use even if just a little ☺︎


And it made me so happy being able to co-star with
Takahashi Minami-san… 🌱


A few years ago, I had the opportunity
to work together with Takahashi Minami-san,
at that time, I was still very immature,
but the warm and reassuring words she said to me
have always remained in my heart,
even until now, whenever I remember those words,
it makes me feel motivated,



Feeling happy for being able to work together again,
with feelings of respect and admiration,
and mixed with feelings of excitement,
I was able to convey my gratitude directly…😌


She treated me with kindness before and after the recording,
she really saved me a lot ☺️


I really admire Takahashi Minami-san…😌



Prebat’s 10th Anniversary Gallery
will be displayed until October 16th in Shinagawa station and also
on the east and west passages on the way from
Osaka Station to Kita-Shinchi Station. 🌱





They also put on display
the eraser stamp art work that I created
the last time that I made an appearance in the show 🎨


Hikari-chan’s spray art
is also being displayed ♡


Once again, Hikari-chan’s spray art
was really amazing…!


I believe It was precisely because I saw Hikari-chan doing her best
that I was able to do my best as well during “Prebat!”. Hikari-chan, thank you ☺︎


Many kinds of works have been put on display,
such as haiku, spray art, eraser stamp art,
watercolor paintings, etc.
so if you have some time, please take a look by all means!


Ah, I kept staring at the many works that were on display,
please be careful not to bump into people 😌 LOL



Once again, everything from the production time to the recording time
was like a dream to me, from the bottom of my heart,
it was a really enjoyable time🌱


Please watch it by all means~!





There were so many times that
I ended up thinking “This has to be a dream, right?”.


I’m really happy from the bottom of my heart that
I had the opportunity to make an appearance in my favorite TV show 🥲


For sure, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to
this feeling and the tension I feel each time.





And then, I’m a bit late but,
last week we had the Hiroshima performance 🍁


We were able to be very close to everyone from the Buddies ☺️


Our eyes met,
so I was very nervous.


It would make me happy if we were able to deliver a lot of the current Sakurazaka46
to the Buddies in Hiroshima ‪‪☺︎





We also shoot a video for Tiktok
in Hiroshima with the 1st gen members,
so please, it would make me happy if you could check it out as well ♡


Next is Miyagi!
I’m really looking forward to meet
the Buddies in Miyagi and
all the Buddies in the Tohoku region ☺


Let’s have a time filled
with a lot of fun~!








During the shooting for the printed photos, 📸
our manager took these photos for me ☺︎


For this outfit, the stylist put a lot of thought
into the creation process of it,
and it’s my favorite outfit as well.


Please search for these printed photos by all means~~ ☺︎



Recently, I’ve been listening a lot to
Fukuyama Masaharu-san’s
“Kokoro color ~ a song for the wonderful year ~” song.


Every year, this song is played a lot around this season,
I listen to it a lot in particular☺︎


I like to think about the upcoming year
while I listen to this song and look back on what has happened during the year 🌷





It’s getting cold, so please keep yourselves warm,
and please take care of your bodies. ☺︎


Well then.



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