Retro (2022.10.12)






Hello, Everyone

This Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation, Morita Hikaru 🌱






I am on the front cover and lead feature of “CMNOW” vol.219
that went on sale from October 7th.

I appeared in the back cover too!

Getting featured a lot, I am so happy~!

Thank you very much🌼





It was the first shoot I had with them,
but it was the most relaxing shoot I have ever done 🌱


I took a leisurely stroll, went to
public bath and cafe~


It was fun-!








The photo on the back cover is my favorite 🌂🫧

Umbrella heart. Please try doing it during rainy days. Lol






By all means, please get your copy -! 🌠








Well, that’s it for today.


Thank you for reading until the end!







The end 🌱

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