2022 Tour Hiroshima (2022.10.14)




The Hiroshima performance of the 2nd TOUR 2022 “As you know?” had ended!



Thank you very much

To those who came these 2 days🌸



Did you have fun~?



1st Generation🤍



Soon after everyone gathered

I was happy, but also sad💭


At the venue in Hiroshima, 

I was able to go to the auditorium before the show

It seems like the stage could be seen from every seat!



Thank you again for your cooperation

In limiting the use of penlights👌🏻



And from the Hiroshima performance, 

Taking photos of the stage is now OK

During the regulated exit!



The tour logo and the words 

“Thank you HIROSHIMA!”

Were shown on the screen

Did you notice it?



Did you take photos~?



I would be happy if you could send out your thoughts

Along with the pictures you had taken

Without spoiling too much♡



Maybe I should also go~



By the way, during the regulated exit,

I shouted, “Thank you~!” 

and “I love you~!” with the members

I wonder if you heard us~



It was a post-live tension…!



Thank you for all the towels, fans

penlights, and congratulatory flowers~🎀🤍



In Hiroshima, I sat next to Habu-chan in the dressing room🫶🏻

In Osaka, I sat next to Yuuka~


We went to get it in the catering,

Then we ate it together!



It was always funny!!! lol



First! Fried momji manju! It was delicious~🍁♡



There were 7 different flavors and I wanted to try them all,

But I had to settle for 2. The sweet potato flavor was delicious🍠♡



I took a lot of pictures while in costumes

But I’ll post them when the tour is over~



On the shinkansen on the way home,

Habu-chan called me and said, “Look behind you,”

And when I turned around, I saw her wearing something

Like a fox mask. lol



The next is Miyagi~! Tomorrow is the Miyagi performance~!



I’ll do my best✊🏻♡



Take care on your way~!



We talked a lot♡

We laughed a lot♡

More photos of memories that can never be shown to the world♡

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