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Thank you very much
For opening my blog.


I’m Endo Riko from Saitama.



“Nando LOVE SONG no Kashi wo Yomikaeshita darou”


The music video has been released on YouTube!!

I’d be happy if you could give it a look ☺︎


It’s the fifth song created by the 3rd gen members
I’m very happy to have been able
To create another new work with the 3rd gen members. A precious memory of mine.

The song has a different atmosphere than our previous songs,
And it has become a very beloved, precious song from the moment I heard it from the first time. ☺︎



Desks, blackboard, blackboard eraser.
It was filmed in a school set, and it made me felt like we are schoolmates. 🏫

It was a filming filled with smiles🤭



The love song lyrics thought out by each member.

When you read each one, you could see each person’s personality, which is so cute. ☺︎

Though it’s a bit embarrassing. 🤏


My favorite part from this music video.
Is how you can see different expressions from Miu

I was able to see lots of cool and cute Miu~ 🤭


I love the half-twintail idol Rika~.
By the way, my hairstyle is something that Rika requested ☺︎☺︎

During the break time, she doodled ♡on the blackboard 🤭
Rika-chan whose actions are cute as well.


Reina-chan fits this costume and the school set so much, that I could imagine a scene of her being at school 💭☺︎

The choreo where she and Rika are jumping in front of the blackboard is so cute! Pay attention to it ☺︎


I like Nagi-chan’s line of “ where your insomnia comes from”.
She’s so cute, so be sure to look at it, okay? 👀
I like Nagi-chan’s expressions~ ☺︎


Pigtail Airi☺︎☺︎
She also fits the costume perfectly, she’s so cute, isn’t she?
The part where she and Shizuki mops around was so cute as well~ 🤭


I love this hairstyle of Yuuzu as well~
She looks great with her hair tied up, isn’t she? ☺︎

Her part in the last chorus “’bring me’ wistful feelings” was cute.


Miotannn ✌️
The choreo where she and Nagi-chan looks at one another and goes Yahooo! outside of the window is so cute, I like it.


I have always liked her expression for “wistful feeling” in the last chorus ever since practice. ☺︎


Twintail Yu! We have a symmetrical position🌱☺︎

In the scene where we look at each other across the desk, I laughed so muchwhen I saw the white powder on Yu’s face. It was so much fun!


Shii. Actually, we has the same hairstyle.
Shii Happy.*
[*T/N A pun with “Shi”, so “Sho” is swapped into “Shii happy”]

During the break time, she gave name to the dog plushie and the blankets. So cute lol lol lol



Back view during break time. Cute.





Try to find lots of everyone’s cute expressions, okay~! 🫣


That’s all for my blog today.


Thank you very much
For reading until the end!


Well then, see ya ☺︎

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