Good morning (2024.02.25)





Goodd moーーーーrning❗️

It’s Yuuzu❗️






Today is the first day of the meet & greets for the 8th single!



I’ve been looking forward to it since the morning,
No, more like since yesterday,
Or no, more like since one week ago~ ⭐️




Thank you very much to everyone who will be coming.



I’m always thinking that I want to meet everyone and talk to everyone, but this is the only opportunity we have to talk one by one…
I’m really happy and thankful that you’re coming to see me.





To you, who’ve talked about various things with me since the third gens participated in meet & greet for the first time for the 5th single, “Sakurazuki”,
And to you, who has been thinking “Yuuzu seems nice” recently and is coming to see me for the first time,
Let’s have fun today ^_^











I’ll quickly post photos from last year 🦭





And these are from when I went to Fukuoka for the New Year’s!

I’m super happy that the tour will start from my hometown, Fukuoka!!
I’ll make it the best concert everー💪












🐕 A happy announcement 🐕



The real meet & greets will be held on

April 7th (Sunday) in Makuhari Messe
April 29th (Public holiday・Monday) in Kyoto Pulse Plaza!



There’s also an online meet & greet on April 21st (Sunday)!
For this one, I’m paired with Akiho-san ♡


I’m very happy to have another chance to talk with everyone


The first round of applications will be until today, February 25th (Sunday) at 23:59!


I’ll be looking forward to it ^_^






It’s a given that I’ll be happy today, but I wish that 

It’ll be a happy day for you too 🌻




See you

See you real soon





From Yuuzu

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