Dreaming without sparing time to sleep (2024.02.23)





Good evening


It’s Yuuzu. I’m doing well 🐈‍⬛










A feeling of elation so great that I can hear my own heartbeat
A moment when my emotions explode

That’s how much fun I truly feel when performing with the third gen members.



I hope you can feel the atmosphere created by our almost too excessive passion and enthusiasm.



“Nando LOVE SONG no Kashi wo Yomikaeshita darou?”




Taken by Riko-chan’s camera


Itoha is really unbeatable when she’s in her playful mode
That time, I was cracking up watching Itoha messing around with Mio, it reminded me of our training period. Lol
I really laughed often watching the two of them~

Well, I take part in it too though




ItoYuzu are in symmetrical positions again after “Natsu no Chikamichi”, did you notice it…?






Peace peace


Smile smile

It’s cold, isn’t it, Shikakuni
I’ll warm you up

Let’s watch Miu-chan together

Mio-chan, it’s so cold, right
Warming ourselves up by hugging tightly

I got my hair braided 🎀 

When I asked “What kind of hairstyle should I go with~”
To the empty space
I got a lot of replies from various places


The members are so kind, aren’t they












Wishing you nothing but good things🌻




See you





Good night




From Yuuzu

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