Good evening (2024.02.22)

The seat by the window, three rows from the back





That’s my favorite seat in the classroom.




How the time passes in language class after pool activities

Drawing faces on my eraser

Folding the edges of my textbook

And how there is a scribble on almost every page




It’s not like

I got to school every day with a cheery feeling


But when I see a classroom desk after a long while






Ah, I sure had fun~, so I thought.



I didn’t like to study

and someone told me before, “One day, you’ll grow a desire to learn”,


Even though I was like, “Yeah, no way~”










The day has come when I think so~.



I’m already an adult, huh?










During the test period, I start from the superficial so much

the tests usually ended with me only getting my stationaries right…





It makes for a funny story now.










The 3rd gen song included in the 8th single


Nando LOVE SONG no Kashi wo Yomikaeshita Darou











The dancing using desks felt refreshing as well

and it feels different from the previous 3rd gen MVs

It’s a song that you’ll want to listen to in the morning

but can also be listened to on nights when you have trouble sleeping.


By all means, please give it a look




Shikakuni. 🐕


Itoha~ Shikakuni. That’s the name…

You remember it now?




Yamashita Shizuki














Neko no hi (T/N: 22nd Feb is Cat’s Day in Japan)

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