Murayama Miu (2023.09.19)





Recently I feel like
I’ve been possessed, in a good way


There was a moment when somehow
I was craving fish, which I used to dislike



And when I went to Shinsekai
Even though I dislike soda,
I ordered the Nagaredama black-and-red float

That happens, doesn’t it?







By the way
Have you all gone to Shinsekai?




It’s a place that will make you think,
“In such a place!?”

Please be on the lookout for
Things that make you go, “In such a place!?”











The 7th single
“Shonin Yokkyu”
Will be released on 10/18 (Wednesday)

Thank you very much






Yesterday, the formation for the title song was announced





For this single, I want to absorb a lot of things and face myself and the people around me without turning back

I will spend the time by
Cherishing the people around me



For now, I will keep pushing forward no matter what
I will continue to progress further and further, so
I hope you’ll watch over me






On days like these
I’m not sure to what extent I should talk about my feelings
If I start talking about it, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop


When more details about the single come out,
I will talk about my feelings and everything else
I’m sorry that I’m always lacking in words









There will be Meet & Greet


Last time, we said goodbye sadly because there will be a break in our activities, but now we get to meet again

I’m happy



The second round of application
Starts on September 20th 14:00
Until September 21st 14:00

It’s tomorrow after lunch





Whether you’re a newcomer or someone who already came before,
I’ll be waiting!





This is the schedule

It’s antler season
It’s almost reindeer season too


October 22nd (Sunday)
November 3rd (Friday)
November 4th (Saturday)
November 18th (Saturday)
November 19th (Sunday)
December 3rd (Sunday)


Thank you for your support









Since this has become a kind of different blog


I’ll put my lax diary entries here






The day I was with Nagi the whole time




After a shooting, I went to my favorite restaurant
I ate a lot


Guess who I was with




When I thought that time seems to be going slowly today
Turns out the clock has stopped

It’s the clock I received from Odakura as a birthday present, seems like the battery ran out
You’ve worked hard, clock-san


Gotta change the batteryー




Worked with fun people
Used my facial muscles a lot
It was fun






Diary over
It’s lax, right?
The content is shallow
That happens!












From here on, it will be my usual relaxed stories

Please read it while you’re
Rolling around in bed










Because of too much ironing and sunlight
My hair became brown

I want to dye itー
In a darker shade









Matono said this to me
If you don’t have any hobbies, how about studying?


She also said

You should study
What are you going to do?


With a straight face LOL



That girl is always funny










I received your letters
Thank you very much
I have quite a lot of things I want to talk about
Let’s talk again next time ^^










Tomorrow is Yamashita
Should I post a two-shot of us soon?
Let’s take it










Well then
Good night





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