Goals and dreams Murai Yu (2023.09.18)



Good evening



It’s Murai Yu!





It’s been a while.

How are you all doing?


I’m doing very well~!





⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰









On 18th October 2023,

our 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu” will be released.



And then,


the formation was announced on last night’s “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?” episode.






In this single,
I have been selected to participate in the title song for the first time.






This is, without a doubt, something that we managed to achieve together
because of all your cheering and support for me.


Everyone, truly thank you very much.





It’s only been half a year since my debut, and I am still inexperienced,
and I’d like to give back through many activities so that you will feel glad to have been supporting me.





During this single period,

my goal is to face myself more than ever and grow in many aspects.



I would like to take this opportunity working with the seniors and absorb a lot of things by watching and learning from them directly.





I’d like as many people as possible to find me.




I believe that together with all of you who support me, I can make my big dream come true in the future.



I will continue to look forward and do my best.


Everyone, please continue to support me!






Together with the announcement of 7th single,

the balloting for online meet & greet has opened too!


The 2nd round will start from

20th September 2023 14:00 JST~

until 21st September 14:00 JST~.


If you think,

“I’d like to chat with her~” “I’m curious about her~”

even just a little bit

Then by all means, let’s have a chat~!!


I look forward to seeing you!













The other day, I went to see

Sakurazaka46’s exhibition “Shinsekai”!




It was a very wonderful space, filled with the past and the future of the group.



It makes me feel very happy that we will also be involved in creating the future of Sakurazaka.



I want to take it to heart and cherish what the seniors have built as I do my activities.






After the exhibition,

I also enjoyed shopping for goods and the cafe~ ♪



I ordered


Sakurazaka46 float

Zaka café’s black pancake!


It was so cute and delicious, it filled me with bliss~ ♡


Please do try the same menu as me ₍ᐢ‥ᐢ₎ !



I took pictures, so I’d like to post them somewhere next time!



Some exhibits have been renewed
as of 16th September, the day before yesterday!



To those who haven’t gone yet, to those who have gone already,

Please do give it a look!! 🌸







And next, a happy announcement!!



・On B.L.T November edition that is on sale 28th September


We, Sakurazaka’s 3rd generation,

will be getting “big feature with decorating the cover and 30 pages long main article”!!

I think that you’ll be able to see the 3rd generation’s growth!

Please give it a look~!




・On Top Yell NEO 2023 AUTUMN that will be on sale 2nd October

I will be featured on the cover with Airi!

I was happy to be paired with Airi ☺

Please give it a look~!




・On ViVi’s October edition that is currently on sale


I am being featured in this edition!!

The pages are filled with many different me!

Please give it a look~!






And from here on, it’s Q&A corner!








Q. What kind of child were you?

A. I think I was an active and innocent child~!





Q. If you could ride a time machine, which will you choose to go to, past or future?

A. I want to look forward to the future, so the past…!





Q. If you could speak a dialect, which dialect would you like it to be?

A. Hakata dialect!





Q. When you were in the basketball club, what color were your basketball shoes?

A. The color changes depending on the light, blue or purple!
It just so happened to be my lightstick colors too, what a surprise!





Thank you very much for sending me letters!

It always encourages me!!




♡ ♡ ♡







there is one more thing that I’d like to speak about!



The other day, Tamura-san appeared on the show called “Run for Money”!



It made me so happy to see how my senior appeared on my beloved show, that I have been watching since I was a child.



I watched it from start to finish!


She was so cute and cool!!



If it is possible,

then I hope that I can appear on it too…!!


I wrote it in my blog because it is one of my dreams that I wanted to achieve.





Let me introduce the delicious foods that I ate recently~




Bagel made out of sticky rice!


Shizuki taught me how delicious ramen is 🍜 I think I’m getting addicted to it~! Let’s go eat it again together!





That’s all for today.

Thank you very much for reading!


Tomorrow’s blog is Miu’s!

Please look forward to it~~~!




Today is Monday

Let us both do our best this week without pushing it!


Please keep me in your mind 🐇➰


See ya~!

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