1018 (2023.09.20)

Hello, everyone!




I am Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino🌸






The formation for our 7th single was announced the other day.




Starting with this single, we will now be split between senbatsu members and BACKS members

I will be participating in this single as a BACKS member.



During meet & greet and in letters,

Many people told me that they had a lot of fun during the 6th single, so for this single I think I’ve probably made my fans sad..


I think maybe I’m just not very fit to be an idol. Everyone is better than me at so many things, and that among other things worries me a lot. 


You all may not have a very good idea of my feelings or what I’m thinking since I don’t talk about it very much, but


I really do have a sincere desire to improve myself and I’m always keeping in mind how important it is that I work as hard as I can, so please don’t forget that!!


I’m also always thinking about how I’d like to repay all the fans who are always supporting me, and because of that
Though I think it might really take a long time, one day I’d like to make it as a title song member through my own abilities!


Thank you for always supporting me, even though I can’t do anything or repay you in any way..🥲


I’d be happy if you could continue to patiently wait for me!




I’ll enjoy this single as much as I can!
Please find me no matter what position I’m in!



I’ll be in your care for our 7th single, “Shouninyokkyuu” which is set to release Wednesday, October 18th!









We’ll also be having Meet & Greet again🐏


The 2nd balloting round will open today (9/20) at 14:00

and closes tomorrow (9/21) at 14:00, so anyone who’s even a little bit interested, please come and meet me, it’d make me happy〜🫶🏻



I’m often told “You’re different from how I expected!”


so if you think I’m cool and don’t talk a whole lot, please come and see what I’m really like 🤣 lol

I’ll be laughing a lot!!




I hope you’ll come🐰












Before we inflated the balloons on the Sokosaku episode that aired the other day,

I was positioned closest to the balloon and muttered “Scary〜” to myself

and when I did that, Hikaru-chan said to me “Wanna switch spots?”
The fact that she’d nonchalantly changes places like that for me,


Ugh it made my heart flutter!


Hikaru-chan might not remember it since it was something so insignificant, but I’ll remember it forever🤭



Hikaru-chan is so kind yet so fierce when it comes to her performance and that’s something I love about her
so I’m really really excited that we’ll get to see a Hikaru-chan centered song..!!!



Let’s all look forward to it together〜🫶🏻







Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog lately!

I’ll write another time about Malaysia and some other stuff✏️



Thank you for reading until the end!






Kousaka Marino


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