I wish I could be a strong person (2023.09.20)



Thank you for opening my blog!







I am Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho
from Shizuoka Prefecture🐟🌻




The formation for our 7th single
was announced the other day



We will be following a senbatsu system for now on

And I was unable to make it as a senbatsu member this time






Every time the formation is announced I think

“I have to be strong”


I can use my sadness as a spring to push myself further

I wish I could be a strong person






I know that I’m someone who has to try many, many times harder than other people,


But I also know,
that this isn’t a world where you can get anything you want just by trying hard enough


But I also know,
that despite that, I can’t give up either



But I also know that if I do put in the effort,
a world I could never even imagine
might be waiting for me at the end of it




And actually, this year

I got to see so many things
that I could have never even imagined 1 year ago
and I saw them with all of you who always support me


Finally being able to do something to please you all,

It’s not much,
But it’s made me so happy that I was able to pay you back for all you’ve done for me



With “Start over!” being such a wonderful song,
I’m very glad I could present it to you through music shows, festivals, and even in overseas performances. 



I also had the pleasure of being invited to be on several variety shows,


When Sakura Meets started as a regularly aired program, it truly became a part of my life that is precious and irreplaceable,


I was also entrusted to be a regular on Nobiraji, and have treasured the time I get to talk with Lotti-san, the other members, and all the Buddies,


I was also appointed
as the season regular for “Love it!”
It’s such a wonderful show,
I wanted to do everything I could do contribute
to what is the most cheerful morning television show in Japan


I am truly blessed to have been able to appear on variety shows and bring smiles to all of you supporting me.






But it’s very frustrating
that my position in the group
hasn’t changed at all.


I have to try even harder!



My only strong point is that I work hard!



But even though I know that,
trying hard won’t get me anywhere
and it feels like my heart is breaking,



But in times like these,
I’m saved by all your words

in meet & greet
and your letters that I read almost every day

They give me power.
Just by reading your warm words
it feels like I’m about to cry.


I’m here thanks to all of you
there’s no way I’d be able to do this alone.



Thank you for everything.



I’ll be doing giving it my all for the 7th single!
It’d be nice if I could repay all of you
a whole lot for everything you do for me.

I want to give you all a great song.



If there’s someone out there
that’s having a hard time in their life right now
I want to become the kind of person
that can work through that difficult time together with them.





And next time I want to be part of the title song.

So I’d like to work hard towards that goal.




I truly just want to always bring you all joy
so I’m sorry that I’ve disappointed you all.



I’ll work as hard as I can for the 7th single!
I want us to have so, soooo much fun together☺︎


Please continue
to love and support Sakurazaka46





The group artwork has been revealed, it’s so cool✨








Also, the 2nd round of balloting for meet & greet has started!


From today at 14:00 until tomorrow, 9/21 (Wednesday) at 14:00!!


I promise that I’ll be giving my 100%
when talking to you all!!


I’ll do my best
to make our time together lots of fun💪

I hope you’ll come and see me☺️






I’ll be waiting!!!













Tomorrow morning

I’ll be appearing on Love it!🐰




Last week through being hypnotized
somehow!! was able to overcome
the shock chair and Super Sour Rappy Juice〜✨

It was a surprisingly good time!!!
I was able to become the strongest〜!!


But the hypnotism was undone
so I’m back to the normal Numa again!




I’ll be doing my absolute best again tomorrow!

Please watch it〜👀





And then tomorrow night there’s Sakura Meets🌸



We did a fun skit on location in which we were totally at the mercy of Director Horiken and AD Kirazou!!


Both Horiken-san and Tontsukatan Morimoto-san
were so kind〜〜


Please be sure to watch itttttt!

and Oi Meets as well☺️

“Onuma devour it” was written on the cue card🤣🤣🤣









Thank you for reading until the end!





Let’s get through tomorrow together as well〜!









You’ve been caught in a 98cm swamp

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