Today, (Sakurazaka46) 2nd Single “BAN” was released


This time, we have been working hard on each one thoroughly,
As well as with a sense of excitement .


We put a lot of special thoughts and efforts
into each one of our works,
I would be happy if we were able to convey something to you even if it’s just a small amount.


From now on as well, carefully and thoroughly…


I hope our works will be able to reach people all over the world






OSRIN-san and many others
Were involved in the making of the jacket photos


Throughout the shooting,
I was filled with excitement,
Even now, I keep on looking at
the CDs I have at home for long periods of time.



What a wonderful view of the world,
I love it.


By all means, please check out the photobook inside as well
It is too good to be missed.
Please take a look.


Each type has different members (on the cover)
I hope you get all the types !


It’s too beautiful–






And now, I want you to pay attention to the costume
Remi-san and many others
Made truly wonderful costumes for us.


This beautiful and elegant costume,
I’m very happy to be able to wear it.


I will wear the costume while properly
Taking into account their thoughts and feelings.




Furthermore, at Shibuya Tower Records
I was able to sign the panels.


I’m truly filled with gratitude and happiness
When I see (the CDs) lined up in shops,
I was hit with a sense of realisation
that we are releasing our 2nd single…


There were other members that went to different places,
Please check it out!


There is also a hidden sign,
So by all means try to find it









We’ll be working hard for the 2nd single activities
Let’s make it the best one yet




Fujiyoshi Karin

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