2nd (2021.04.14)


Sakurazaka46’s 2nd single “BAN” has been released.






Thank you very much.




First of all, I am happy that we are able to release our 2nd single as Sakurazaka46.









And today, for the first time I was able to see our CD lined up in store!




I was able to sign and write on various things, and to see exhibition of wonderful pictures.






It was an exhibition filled with love.


By all means, please do come and see it!








The artist pictures this time were also truly great.


I’m very happy to have PERIMETRON-san taking our pictures, continuing from the 1st single.


The solo artist picture and booklet and such are all really cool, so please give them a good look!








A costume is also made for the jacket picture… I am very grateful for that.



All the costumes made by everyone, led by Remi-san, are wonderful…












Tokyo Sky Tree is collaborating with Sakurazaka46 until 16th this month!!



Tokyo Sky Tree dyed in Sakura color…



It’s a luxury…



You can’t miss this one.




Furthermore, it seems that there are the wishes written by members and display panels on the observation deck 350 meters above the ground!



[Written: I want to do live performance all around the world]


May it come true🌸










We will continue to progress everyday so that we can deliver good works to people around the world.






We’ll be in your care.



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