Thanks for opening my blog. I’m Sakurazaka46’s Seki Yumiko 🐱





The other day, on the Official YouTube Channel,
The MV for Sakurazaka46’s 1st Album Lead Song “Masatsukeisuu” was posted!
Have you seen it? ☺︎





I think we were able to create a really cool music video

The costume too was a stylish “Suits Style”.





There are lots of members who have cool-looking hairstyles, it was refreshing to see~.
It was also my first time doing this type of hair arrangement.






With that, I am posting #YumikoCamera!
























I posted a mix of film and digital photos, but these are all my favorites.


By all means, I would be happy if you look at them a lot.





And, the other day, we performed live in the Japan National Stadium for “Ongkaku no Hi”!



The moment we entered, I felt like “Whoa, I really am in the Japan National Stadium now!” and it made me happy.
Heading home, Yui-chan and I looked around a lot and quietly engraved the view in our mind.










And, the 3rd round of applications for the 1st Album Meet and Greet starts today at 14:00 ☺︎
The deadline is tomorrow at 14:00!


Please share a bit of your time with me ☺︎
Let’s spend a fun time together!








Then, I will be ending this with UniAir’s Yukata.


Well, that’s it for today!


Thank you for reading until the end!


Seki Yumiko🐱



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