About many things! (2022.07.20)

is finally going to start from tomorrow~ 🎈


Sakurazaka will be performing on July 22nd and 24th




And my graduation ceremony will be held on the 24th!


My activities related to the album such as meet and greets will continue for a while
but this will truly be my last performance.



I hope to be able to make many memories together with everyone
and welcome my last day with a smile 🤍



Live-streaming is also available, so by all means, let’s have fun together even from home ♪







And this time, there are original goods
that I designed~ 🍈🐶



The illustration on the shoulder bag
is a drawing of me and my pet dog, Melon, going out for a walk.


It was drawn by the illustrator, Nemotonemo-san! (https://www.instagram.com/nemoto_nemo/)


I love Nemotonemo-san’s drawing very much
so I feel very grateful with how cute and wonderful
they have drawn the illustration.


Thank you very much 🥲



Let’s be matchy-matchy 🤍💛




For the costumes of the Keyakizaka46 Costume Random Bromide,
I selected my favourites from all the costumes that I have worn up until now 🤍


The camera team was very particular about the background of the photo,
and they changed the color to match the song and costume 🥲


Wonderful pictures were able to be taken thanks to the help of many people
so by all means, please collect them all!







There will also be a sale of
official food and drink at the festival
Please do give the melon shaved ice 🍧🍈 a try~






After that,
I will also be appearing in blt graph. vol.81, which is on sale today.



The cameraman is Takeshi Shinto-san,
who has taken many pictures of us since the group’s formation 📷*


*T/N: The photographer in charge of Keyakizaka46’s jacket artworks


We had a photoshoot in Shibuya River, and even in Shibuya Sakuragaokacho’s Sakurazaka, where we all lined up in a row in Silent Majority’s music video.




It has been a very long while since I last worked with Shinto-san,
but the photoshoot atmosphere was the same as it used to be
and we were able to have fun and reminisce about the past~ 🌳








And I am very grateful
to B.L.T-san and blt graph.-san for featuring me many times throughout the past 7 years.
They always created a work environment where I can feel at ease
and I always enjoyed each photoshoot!




By all means, please do check it out 😊




During the photoshoot, when I looked out of the window, I saw a child walking. When I waved my hand, they kept waving back at me 💛



Shibuya River~
A lovely building now also stands
on the construction site where we filmed Saimajo’s MV 🏙






Well then, see you again~


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