My sincerest apologies to you (2022.07.21)



Just as announced in the official site just now, the members; Koike Minami, Kobayashi Yui, Onuma Akiho, Morita Hikaru, and myself,
received a positive result from PCR test last night.


In accordance with the regulations of the health center, we will be under medical treatment for a while
and we have no choice but to cancel DAY 2 and DAY 4 of “W-KEYAKI FES.2022”.


I’d very sorry to
various related parties we have caused trouble too
including those who had plans to go to the venue.


I’d like to apologize again for the timing of this announcement
that has been caused by a sudden illness.


It pains me very much to think about all of you who have been looking forward to the festival, who have made arrangements for accommodations, goods, and travel.


The graduation ceremony for Aoi and Ozeki was scheduled to be held on DAY 4, so I feel very sorry and responsible.


I was quite confident in my physical strength and energy, but…

I will sleep well and recover quickly.



There will be another announcement on the official website regarding ticket refunds.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please keep it in your safekeeping.





I think that the setlist for Sakurazaka this time, after much trial and error, would have been something that you would surely enjoy.


I wished to meet you all, Buddies
I am very sad and frustrated because I wanted to share many thoughts and feelings with you at this memorable place.
I will save my strength
for the day we all be healthy and can be happy together again.






This year, we have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Fuji-Q Highland, using the entire grounds of the park.


At the interactive puzzle solving event, you can also enjoy newly recorded videos and voice lines of the members.


We have also put a lot of effort into this year’s merchandise and festival food.


Other than the annual “Keyaki Nikudon”, there is also the “Henninjin Cake” produced by Aoi and “Melon Shaved Ice” produced by Oze, among others
so if you are going to the venue, please enjoy them.


This year, only Hinatazaka will be performing
but I wish that it’ll be a wonderful two days. I will be cheering on from Tokyo.



I know it’s not my place to say this, but…
Please take care of your health without working too hard.



I am truly so sorry
I hope to see you again.




Sugai Yuuka



Translated by: toomuchidea  / keishizaka

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